See the osprey fly, dive and grab a fish underwater

Watching an osprey dive bomb to the surface of a lake to catch a fish is an amazing sight, especially in person. But to see an osprey snatch a fish that’s sitting on the bottom of a lake is something rare that can only been seen with special video equipment.

Chuck Hower of South Kitsap sent me a link to this special video on Arkive, a site that promotes conservation through the use of powerful images of wildlife. I wanted authorization to imbed the video player on this page, but I was informed by a representative for BBC Motion Gallery that it would cost me. Motion Gallery, which holds the copyright to the video, wanted $299 for each 10 seconds of the video in SD or $399 for 10 seconds in HD. Since the website is readily promoted on the Internet, I figured you wouldn’t mind clicking on this link without any help from me.

While on the osprey page, you can learn more about this bird by clicking on the options to the right of the online video player.

Another amusing video (imbedded on this page) shows many osprey fishing on a lake. You’ll have to play the video to its end to learn why this is such a popular fishing spot for osprey, which usually aren’t seen in groups. The BBC has posted this video on YouTube with the embed option engaged.

To view other osprey videos and access a variety of information about ospreys, go to

One thought on “See the osprey fly, dive and grab a fish underwater

  1. Or you can watch me as I run, dive, and grab a salmon from the Seafood section in Central Market. (Sometimes they get away before I reach the checkout, though.)

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