Amusing Monday: Water cycle songs go on and on

I’m still impressed, and a little amused, by the number of videos continually being made about the water cycle.

I guess it’s good to know that even the youngest children are coming to understand this multi-layered concept that regulates all life on Earth. See YouTube video “Water Travels in a Cycle, Yes It Does.”

Government agencies, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, have produced dozens of animations about the water cycle. But sometimes it takes a little music to keep one’s attention. Check out “NASA the Water Cycle” and keep your eye on the little red water molecule.

Speaking of music, it seems everyone has a song about the water cycle. Believe it or not, most are called “The Water Cycle Song”:

Solo on guitar

Water creature by Teacher and the Rockbots

A teacher not afraid to get silly for science

Water Cycle Jump (my favorite water cycle rap song)

“The never-ending cycle is taking place…” (Nice little ditty, but I think the record is scratched.)

Another cool animation, with piano music by George Winston

This YouTube video presents a clever way to use old and new animation to explain how scientists are learning how global warming is changing the water cycle.

The following video, which credits Mr. Davies, is still my all-time favorite water cycle song. Since posting it in on Water Ways in August of 2009, I recently learned that the song is actually on an album called “Marvelous Day” by SteveSongs (Steve Roslonek of Wethersfield, Conn.) It’s the music that really makes this video sing, and I’m happy that I can finally credit the songwriter.

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