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One thought on “Earth Day is defined by the human spirit

  1. More than 1,158 volunteers turned out to help clean up Washington’s ocean beaches Saturday. They hauled away an estimated 23 tons of household trash, lost fishing gear and other debris. The Washington Coast Cleanup is sponsored by the Washington Clean Coast Alliance.

    A few comments in a news release from Washington CoastSavers:

    David Lindau, program coordinator for Washington CoastSavers: “This year’s event was another huge success. Our extremely dedicated volunteers fanned out up and down the coast and hauled off an incredible amount of ocean trash. Each and every one of our volunteers is a hero. Countless marine mammals, seabirds, and other marine wildlife have been saved. And our beaches are cleaner, healthier places for everyone.”

    Acting Superintendent George Galasso, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: “The dedication and efforts of these volunteers on this day indicates that people really understand the importance of ocean health and are willing to get personally involved to sustain this beautiful place. Our coastal ecosystem is a cleaner, healthier and more productive place, thanks to everyone who volunteered today.”

    Karen Gustin, Olympic National Park superintendent: “We are very thankful for the efforts of each and every volunteer … and for the Washington CoastSavers’ work to organize this huge and extremely valuable event, especially during National Park Week.”

    Shelly Pollock, lead organizer for the GrassRoots Garbage Gang: “Here on the Long Beach Peninsula, we practically live on the beach. Cleaning up ocean trash is not just about saving the environment. It’s about keeping our community clean and livable. The volunteer turnout is always inspirational.”

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