Amusing Monday: Sing along with odd wildlife

It seems that Watching Our Water Ways has been on a road of serious discussion for a little while now, so maybe it’s time to veer off into the weeds and enjoy a little silliness.

Here are some musical cartoons taken from the website “Weebl’s Stuff,” which I filed away for such an occasion.

Jonathan “Jonti” Picking, known to his fans as “Weebl,” is the writer, animator, musician and narrator of a long line of cartoons. His early cartoon series “Weebl and Bob” started as an experiment with Flash video. He told Remix 64 that his first effort was nothing more than an attempt to create “the most idiotic and simple cartoon ever.” In Picking’s words:

“I never intended it to be a huge thing, but it just sort of caught on…. It makes me feel like 13 cats milking a fox. Like I say, I never really expected any of this, but I’m glad it happened as now I can just sit around shouting like a loon all day.”

From there, Picking created other short cartoons, including “On the Moon,” “Cat Face” and a bunch of musical weirdness. His bio is listed on Wikipedia, although the citation needs truth verification.

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