Amusing Monday: It’s so hard to be Goode

Did anybody watch the cartoon series “The Goode Family” while it was on television? Did you like it? I’m not sure how I missed this cartoon with an environmental bent, but it had come and gone from the air before I knew it existed.

The Goode Family
Saving the Narwhal Through Pottery
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“The Good Family” was created by Mike Judge, best known for “Beavis and Butthead” (1993-1997) and “King of the Hill” (1997-2009).

Situations in the half-hour series revolve around Goode family members, most of who are obsessed about something and politically correct about everything. One reviewer called it “satire light.” I’m still trying to decide if it’s worth watching this entire series online when I get time.

The show ran on ABC-TV from May 27, 2009, to Aug. 7, 2009, according to an entry in Wikipedia. In 2010, reruns were shown on Comedy Central, which considered ordering new episodes but never did.

The full shows, around 22 minutes each, can be viewed on Cast TV. Four additional two-minute segments can be viewed on Comedy Central — including the one above, which has something to do with saving narwhal whales through art.

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