Amusing Monday: Videos pitch the need to change

Here are a couple of public-service-type videos that have been suggested to me for Amusing Monday.

I’m actually off duty today, as my schedule shifts around at the Kitsap Sun during the month of September, when I’ll be taking my turn working the weekends. While the change in schedule could reduce my attention to Water Ways, I’m hoping it won’t make much difference.

As for these videos, the first is a pitch for low-impact cleaning products to reduce toxic chemicals going into our state’s waterways. This Department of Ecology video is produced in the style of a TV commercial for products used in the home.

The second video, from Monterey Bay Aquarium, is an off-beat cartoon that raises the question of adaptation among species in the face of climate change. The message is that sealife can adapt if given enough time. But the current rate of change demands that people take action.

One thought on “Amusing Monday: Videos pitch the need to change

  1. These are excellent videos. Humor is such an effective way to reach children – our future decision makers- and holds the interest of adults long enough to get the message across. People really can change and do all the time. They just need inspiration somehow.

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