KUOW series raises questions about PS Partnership

KUOW reporter John Ryan’s hard-hitting series about Puget Sound Partnership concluded today with a look at the findings of the Washington State Auditor’s Office. Today’s piece, like the entire series, emphasizes the mix of state business and personal connections of Executive Director David Dicks and his father, U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks.

The first story focuses on a “whistle-blower” who brought allegations of impropriety to the attention of the state auditor; the second piece addresses David Dicks’ use of a state car; and the third deals with perceived conflicts of interest resulting from the senior Dicks funneling money to the Puget Sound Partnership.

No matter what you think of the Puget Sound Partnership, the series provides some important insights into the organization. I’m occupied by another project at the moment, but I’ll try to keep tabs on this issue and see how it plays out.

One thought on “KUOW series raises questions about PS Partnership

  1. If by “raises questions” you mean “exposes corruption”…

    The PSP is nothing but a jobs program and Political Action Committee for the Democrat Party (they were even caught producing campaign material for Dow Constantine!).

    Horse, here’s the water: Investigate this and you will see how SCIENCE has been co-opted to bolster political agenda. Croney appointments… like-minded prerequisites… Remember the charge that the IPCC “excluded” opposing viewpoints, cherry-picked data, etc? Well here ’tis in microcosm (or maybe co-conspiracy). Citizens should remember which political party the PSP is working for when that agency says SCIENCE indicates a need for THIS regulation and THAT tax.

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