Amusing Monday: Babies have the moves

While watching TV with my wife the other night, something reminded me of the famous Dancing Baby video. Sue said she had never seen the animation , so I found a few versions, including the one featured on Ally McBeal.

While searching for those old videos, I found the Evian Water Babies, which just happens to fit the theme of this blog — although I can’t say I favor buying bottled water. Click on the video player at right to view the Water Babies clip. Another clever Evian clip features babies skating to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” There’s also the Baby Break Dance.

Here are a few other animated babies:

Kung Fu Baby

Lintik Na Baby (combines several “dancing baby” animations)

Shrek Dancing Babies

Father versus Baby video game

The Tootin’ Cousins Bathtub Duet

And, finally, who needs animation when you have this little person?

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