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2 thoughts on “Bill Ruckelshaus ‘retires’ from PS Partnership

  1. I appreciated your tribute to Bill Ruckelshaus, and consider it a privilege to have worked with him.

    I served on the Task Force that he chaired in 2005-6, which developed the concept of an agency which could integrate and press forward with a unified agenda for recovery and protection of the Sound.

    As prime sponsor and vice chair of the Washington State Senate Water & Energy Committee, I had the pleasure of collaborating with him in 2007 on the legislation that created the Puget Sound Partnership. He mentored legislators and others in the key elements of this unique State agency. Not stopping there, next he oversaw its critical startup years and, as head of the Partnership’s Leadership Council, used his skill, humor, and experience in bringing people together to ensure it got off to a great start! He is a very special man…a state and national treasure.

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