Amusing Monday: Save time with ‘Water in a Bag!’

Here’s a new product that will help harried cooks save time and avoid confusion: Water in a Bag!

Click here
to view a commercial demonstrating this amazing product. This commercial was shown on the Canadian comedy show “This Hour has 22 Minutes.”

The satirical program has been around on CBC television since 1993. Because it is written for a Canadian audience, U.S. viewers may not get some of the political references. Also, we may not realize when U.S. politicians and political groups are being mocked — such as when Americans worry about government-run health care, which is relatively popular in Canada.

On the other hand, Americans and Canadians have plenty of silliness they can share, ranging from random fees charged by the airlines to concerns over global warming. Here’s a sampling of the various styles of humor.

Tsunami Early Warning

Climate Change Time Capsule

Air Canada

Obama’s Peace Prize

One Million Acts of Green

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