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2 thoughts on “Puget Sound restoration is an adventure in science

  1. Who can trust the Puget Sound Partnership when they issue illegal contracts in what would appear to be quid pro quo payments. The State Auditor’s office issued an audit report, nr. 1003598, located at http://www.sao.wa.gov/auditreports/auditreportfiles/ar1003598.pdf, which identifies numerous PSP contract law violations. Among the findings is an illegal no-bid contract to K&L Gates law firm for $19,999 presumably to skirt the no bid announcement requirement of $20,000, but which then was modified to over $51,000. Numerous ethical violations were made in the justification, award, and modifications, but I want to point out a few items that were NOT in the report, and have not been reported in the press. K&L Gates helped establish the Puget Sound Partnership (PSP), and I believe helped get Rep. Norm Dicks’ son, David Dicks, get appointed by Governor Gregoire as the PSP Executive Director. K&L Gates is Rep. Norm Dicks’ 4th largest political contributor in 2008 http://www.opencongress.org/wiki/Norman_Dicks, and often brags to clients about its ability to provide access to politicians. The PSP contract appears to reward K&L Gates for its support and contributions. This perception is fueled by the over $400 hourly rate charged, the falsely identified urgency that allowed the PSP to bypass the Attorney General’s office, which could have done the work, and the missed deadlines. An additional $10,000 PSP ‘gift’ to the Cascade Conservancy appears to reward them for having employed Rep. Norm Dicks’ other son, Ryan Dicks, as a lobbyist. Ryan Dicks then was appointed to a 2 year job, paying $93,000 per year, with Pierce County spending over $4 million of taxpayer money earmarked for some energy efficiency projects http://blogs.thenewstribune.com/oped/2007/07/23/new_job_for_ryan_dicks. Is this more quid pro quo?

    When state agencies spend taxpayer money to reward political acts, then ALL their actions and motives become suspect. If only the press would be a little more curious.

  2. Thank you Randy. Maybe more people will start asking questions. But be careful you may not like the ugly truth of all the deals being made with your tax dollars.

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