Amusing Monday: When kids control the flow

If you wish to see an impishness rise up in a young child, hand him or her a running water hose, offer a simple instruction and stand back.

Dozens of parents have tried this, as you find out if you go to YouTube and search the site for “kids” and “water hose.”

Before choosing these specific videos for your amusement, I watched dozens of clips showing wet kids holding a hose. My wife Sue, who suggested the idea, helped me pick the finalists.

Now, Sue is looking forward to when the weather turns warm enough for us to hand our 2-year-old granddaughter a water hose in our backyard and videotape the results.

By the way, the Kitsap Sun has a great community gallery for people to upload photos and videos and share them with the Kitsap community.

Here are a few of the videos showing kids with a hose, with an extra surprise thrown in at the end.

His first drink from a hose

Her steady hand

He’s a fine little helper

Firefighters get in on the fun

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