Amusing Monday: Humor found in disaster

Stephen Colbert may be the only person who can find a way to help us laugh about the disastrous oil spill taking place in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Wind Farm & Oil Spill
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When things are going really, really bad, one must not shy away from the facts or be frozen in inaction. One must do what he or she can to solve the problem.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t break the tension with a laugh.

My wife Sue taught me that humor always has a place. When she went through her trials with breast cancer, she had her ups and downs. But she always bounced back by finding something funny in the experience. I’ve always admired that quality about her.

I don’t want to dissect Colbert’s humor, but his brand of satire allows him to say things in a way that most comedians cannot. So in the midst of a disaster, I’ll take a smile where I can find one.

If the embedded version of the video does not work try this link.

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