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5 thoughts on “Task force embraces shoreline planning

  1. Will Marrgie be a neutral facilitator of the process or does she still harbor biases against what she sees as “misuses” of the waterfront?

  2. I think it is safe to say that Margaret Norton-Arnold is not the same person she was in high school. As for her comments about Bremerton’s waterfront all those years ago, I recall general agreement that there were better uses for the property than parking lots.

  3. “The dam failure had killed a dozen people and wrecked farms and homes through the Snake River valley. My clips included an investigation I had conducted into the cause of the failure — but that’s another story…”

    When do we get to read your Snake River valley investigation story, Chris?
    It sounds like a story for our time.

    There may have been better use for Bremerton’s waterfront than parking lots… but only a condo owner could possibly consider the condo waterfront blight an improvement over the parking lots. At least then the water was visible over the parked cars.

    Nowadays, our sight of the waterfront is blocked by the pablum condo buildings…scarcely an improvement over the parking lots for the Bremerton resident or sightseer.

    btw: BL is right, Chris. When/if the time comes, who better investigate than you.
    Thanks for being here…
    Sharon O’Hara

  4. My writing about the Teton Dam failure was done on a typewriter. As far as I know, it has never been converted to an electronic format. The investigation involved interviewing experts to explain the cause of the failure before official findings were released by an independent panel.

    If you are interested in the technical details, a pretty good summary of the panel’s report can be found on the website of the Materials Digital Library.

    As for the best use of Bremerton’s waterfront, I’m not sure what that would be. But most people seemed to agree at one time that it wasn’t parking lots.

  5. Thanks…though most of the urls didn’t work…especially surprising was evidence of a dam failure dating back to 1200 plus.

    Well now… compared to the parking lots, can’t say that the condos with their accompanying landscaping herbicides and pesticides and other condo living items draining into the sound and completely blocking the water view, is more appealing.

    No doubt further decisions made about Bremerton’s waterfront will fit in well with the amazing 14 foot fish statue and separate fisherman stature hogging up two downtown corners…they sure work well with the condos.

    Did Bremerton’s taxpaying residents vote on the statues or have a say in the condos?
    Will it ever matter what Bremerton’s tax payers want for their waterfront?

    Sharon O’Hara

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