Earth Hour unites people around the world

Here’s a quick reminder that Earth Hour is tonight from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

During this hour, when people throughout the world switch off their lights in a simple symbolic act, millions are showing their support for actions addressing climate change.

As I said last year in Water Ways, this may seem like a small thing, even a waste of time, but all important movements start with small actions. Participants often say they feel united with people around the world.

This year, the third year of the event, Earth Hour is sanctioned in 3,100 cities in 121 countries, according to the “My Earth Hour” Web site, sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund.

In a message to the people of Washington state, Gov. Chris Gregoire said, “ “Washington has taken significant steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our water supplies and promote clean energy jobs for our citizens. We’re proud of these accomplishments and hope that our state’s involvement in Earth Hour inspires individuals and organizations across the state — and across the country — to join with us.”

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Earth Hour both a warning and a beacon of hope: “By switching off non-essential lights for an hour, people will join a symbolic display that can inspire the change we so urgently need… The message of Earth Hour is simple; climate change is a concern for each of us. Solutions are within our grasp and are ready to be implemented by individuals, communities, businesses and Governments around the globe.”

As I write this, Earth Hour is already past in some parts of the world, as the Associated Press reports.

6 thoughts on “Earth Hour unites people around the world

  1. I really hope Kitsap residents participate. I would love to look out towards downtown and see lights dimmed, but some how I fear it will not happen. But for our part we will be playing UNO by candlelight.

  2. I’m sorry I did not give people more notice on this blog. I had expected more interest in the mainstream media.

    I’m putting it on my calendar to let people know a few days ahead next year. I suggest that anyone interested make a note on their personal calendars. It will be March 26, 2011, the last Saturday of the month, as scheduled every year.

  3. wow nice advertising, this is the first i heard about it guess i missed it and everyone else i know, wish i would of heard about it before i could of had all my friends and family involved maybe even a dinner party cold finger foods that take no cooking with candle lights. maybe next year now that i aware of it i can pay better attention and maybe someone will make commercails like a month before so everyone can be informed. sorry i missed out maybe i can still do it just me and my household and for missing i will add extra hour tommorrow night 2 hours power off at my house. love ya’ mother earth forgive us we are learning and trying.

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