Amusing Monday: A lighter side of World Water Day

Today is World Water Day, designated by the United Nations to reflect on the critical importance of water in the world and to recognize the billions of people who lack sanitary conditions.

World's longest restroom line

I’ll post another blog entry at noon today about the serious problem, but I wanted to share a few of the lighter and artistic elements brought to World Water Day.

The first thing is a Web site that asks you to join the world’s longest line to use the restroom, or “toilet queue,” as it is called. This interactive site asks people to select an avatar and a slogan in support of sanitation and clean water. The line has been growing rapidly the past few days. Simply go to the World’s Longest Toilet Queue, and click on “join the queue” to add your name to the list or create you own list of friends and colleagues.

I was also impressed with photo galleries created from pictures submitted to the United Nations’ World Water Day Web site by people from around the world. I was amused by the photo below, which shows a man collecting water bottles on a pushcart, but other ones elicit a variety of emotions.

A local man collects empty water dispenser bottles in Santander, Spain.

Speaking of creativity, it’s not too late for the writers among us to get in on the action. The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is holding an essay contest on the topic, “Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation claims 4,500 lives a day. What should we do about it?”

Writers should base their essays on research, reporting and personal experiences. Deadline for submissions: March 31. Length: No more than 750 words. The winner will be announced on Friday April 9, and the winning essayist will receive a Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Award.

Finally, Steven Colbert talked about World Water Day and water issues two years ago. His observations are nearly as brilliant today as the day he made them. Another segment of the show also is amusing.

Please check back after noon for more observations about World Water Day.

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