Amusing Monday: Artistry and symbolism in ice

Given the freezing cold temperatures of the past few days, I thought it would be amusing to take a look at some ice and snow sculptures.

<small> Reuters photo</small>
Reuters photo

The first snow sculpture is Santa Claus, 525 feet long and 79 feet high. The sculpture was made last year during the annual ice festival in Harbin, China. Learn more about the difficulty of creating this sculpture and see more photos from the festival on the Reuters Web site.

I was amused by the second photo, which I’ll bet comes with an interesting story. Although the picture can be found on various Web sites, the only explanation I was able to track down was the following from Cybersalt Image Collections: “Church elders were not amused when the winning entry from Friday night’s youth group ice sculpture contest was left in the parking lot for Sunday morning’s World Relief Missions Fundraiser.”


Over on YouTube, LeannBrown6607 created a video of still photos showing some amazing ice sculptures accompanied by some nice music. Click here for Snow and Ice Sculptures.

Another YouTube video by Reuters was produced in Berlin, where 1,000 small sculptures of men and women were placed on the steps of a concert hall and allowed to melt away. The project was designed to call public attention to climate change. Read more about it and view some dramatic black-and-white photos at the Daily Mail, based in the UK.

Finally, in the video below, you must watch what is nothing less than a disaster, given how much time and effort goes into creating these giant ice statues.

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