Amusing Monday: Enchanting music from a water glass

I’d like to share with you some captivating music that I first discovered on You Tube. Click over to the video now, then read on if you’d like to hear more about this impressive musician.

After being enthralled by this and other videos, I e-mailed the musician, Robert Tiso, who lives in Italy. It turns out that he has studied the “glass harp” as seriously as any classical musician trying to reach perfection.

Robert was born in 1968 in London and has moved between England and Italy in pursuit of his music. At age 15, he got his start playing classical guitar and later studied under Paolo Marzocchi, learning about composition — including harmony, counterpoint and orchestral arrangement.

“The idea to start playing the glass harp came in year 2000 after attending a performance held by glass harp virtuoso Petr Spatina in Prague,” Robert wrote in an e-mail. “From him, I got not only inspiration and enthusiasm but also understood the potential possibilities of this instrument — although its origins are antique and well documented.”

Robert dedicated two solid years to researching and experimenting with the instrument. In 2002, he created his first professional glass harp and continued to master his skills.

“Many attempts are necessary, because nobody teaches this form of art,” he said.

For the past seven years, the musician has been called on to play in many venues — theaters, auditoriums, musical and art festivals, television and radio programs, rock and pop bands, wine festivals, private parties and more.

On Tuesday of last week, he played for the UNICEF water conference in Switzerland. UNICEF is working to build clean water systems in third-world countries.

People seem to love the musical glasses, since they add a touch of watery class to many situations, he says.

Film producer Michael Lawrence included one of Robert’s videos in his new “Bach Project,” which will be released in January. Listen to the cut on You Tube.

Robert has collaborated with Paolo Marzocchi on many projects, including the soundtrack for the movie “The Shadow Within” and the opera “Lucia di Lammermoor.”

In March, he is scheduled to perform at the opening ceremony of the Phaeno water exhibition in Wolfsburg, Germany.

For other videos, check out Robert’s Web site on You Tube. One may also purchase his CD, “Crystal Symphony,” on the site CDBaby.

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