Amusing Monday: It’s in the Water

This week’s bit of humor comes to us from National Lampoon, which espouses the health benefits of water in a new video.

Water has numerous effects, thanks to unintended additives, according to the video at right. But watch out for the consequences of consuming drinking water.

Quoting from the video:

“With residual pharmaceuticals entering our water table daily, you can be confident the cure is only a faucet away. Results may vary by region.”

And then the requisite warning:

“Water is not for everyone. Water may not be consumed if you are currently on water. If you’re pregnant and nursing, … might become pregnant or are reaching puberty before the age of 7, water may not be right for you. Please discontinue use of water while drowning or if drought occurs.”

And then come the freaky side effects of water, which take up the remainder of the video.

Another video about water purports to show a world record for drinking 1.5 liters of water — just about 4 seconds.

I found another video that has nothing to do with water but shows a world-record speed for a person getting undressed. I’m hoping this is amusing without being offensive.

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