Amusing Monday: Isn’t technology wonderful?

Every now and then, I think back to when I started working as a reporter long, long ago. I marvel at the technological breakthroughs that have come about since that time, which seems like another world.

In the old days, if I had a question, I would need to call and talk to someone on the phone. Now, I can simply type a few words into my Google search engine — and voila! There’s hardly a need to talk to anybody at all.

Typewriters have given way to powerful computers. Type a few letters and the computer will complete your word, your sentence, your thoughts.

The Internet has brought us videos, interactive computer games and even this blog. It won’t be long until I can program my computer to write this blog, so I can spend my time doing other things — such as searching out funny videos for this Amusing Monday feature.

This week, we turn to “The Onion” for some “news” about how various technologies have made our lives richer. Check out these links. (If you encounter an ad, wait a few seconds then click on the text above each screen to skip it.)

You Tube contest challenges amateur film producers

Facebook and Twitter keep you connected with your teens

Google’s new Opt Out Village

“Warcraft” sequel brings more realism to video gaming

Can video games prepare your child for the future?

The future is now: Macbook Wheel

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