Amusing Monday: Ivar knew how to clam it up

I believe it was Ivar Hagland who first made clams funny in the Puget Sound area.

I couldn’t find a video of the original Dancing Clams, but the Ivar’s Web site contains a bunch of clammy TV commercials made as parodies of movies. The one embedded to the right is called “Ivar’s Chariots of Clams,” a takeoff of the runners on the beach at the beginning of “Chariots of Fire.”

There’s also “Ivar’s Dances with Clams,” “Back to Clam Future” and “Ivar’s Cavemen.”

In a different vein, there is “Ivar’s Rapping Fishermen.” Finally, in searching for these old videos, I found a music video about Ivar’s by Jr Cadillac, one of Seattle’s original rock ‘n’ roll bands. It’s called “Ivar’s Singing Clams.”


Before leaving Ivar’s multimedia, I’d like to leave you with a song sung by Ivar himself called

      1. “Puget Sound.”
Listening to it now, the song sounds as quaint as Ivar himself. Listen to the song to pick out familiar landmarks around the region.

If recollections of Ivar Haglund aren’t amusing enough, I’d like to point out that the mascot of The Evergreen State College is a giant clam, the geoduck. Is the photo I found on the school’s Web site really the mascot that incites team spirit at sports events? Click here to read the lyrics to “The Geoduck Fight Song.”

I’ll leave you with a recent bit by Stephen Colbert, who apparently enjoys putting eyes on little clams and dressing them up to look like movie characters. Click on the video player for “Googly Eyed Clams.”

Colbert Report – Googly Eyed Clams via

2 thoughts on “Amusing Monday: Ivar knew how to clam it up

  1. Ivar must be rolling in his grave at what has become of his legacy. The food has gone downhill, the prices off the charts and yet they still don’t have the money to sponsor the Elliot Bay Fireworks show. Shame.

    I told myself I was done with Ivars, after 30 years of patronage. I did breakdown yesterday coming home from seafair. To my disappointment I was handed warm soggy fish and chips, no doubt sitting behind the counter for some time.

  2. It could be that the latest generation of diner doesn’t know what well prepared fish & chips should taste like.
    Moreover, in the old days, ‘real’ fish was used….and our waterways weren’t so polluted.
    Sharon O’Hara

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