Amusing Monday: Annoying frog dives deep

Remember Crazy Frog, that odd cartoon character who pretended to ride a motorcycle, the one that made a sound that became a ring tone popular around the world?

If you don’t recall, click here, but prepare to be annoyed. The video is even called “The Annoying Thing.”

This annoying video spawned a bunch of other annoying videos, but not all are so bad. Click on the screen embedded to the right on this page for a creative underwater video called “Crazy Frog Fishing.”

You may want to stop here, but if you’d like to indulge your annoyance, there are a bunch of videos involving physical abuse to the frog. My favorite does not include blood. He just gets smacked around a little bit.

If you’re hooked, here are three other Crazy Frog videos that aren’t so bad:

Crazy Frog 2 (You only need to watch 30 seconds of it.)

Crazy Frog 3 (You only need to watch 30 seconds of it.)

Crazy Frog – In the House

If you’d like to read about the entire phenomenon, check out this story by By Giles Wilson in BBC News Magazine.

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