Amusing Monday: Seals steal the spotlight

This week, I decided to search for a few amusing things related to seals and sea lions.

I was able to find videos, photos, games, ringtones and more. I may have gotten a bit carried away, but seals are popular in many forms.

First, the video. As they say, it takes only one guy to spoil the party.

How about a ringtone? Click here to sample of the sound.

A childish joke:

A mom buys her son a box of animal crackers.

The boy dumps them out on the table and starts looking at each of the animal crackers, one by one.

“What are you doing?” the mom asks.

“The label says not to eat this product if the seal is broken,” the boy replies, “so I’m trying to find the seal.”


The seal shown here seems quite amused, but I’m afraid that nobody else gets the joke.


Click here for a series of seal photos.

Click here to find some amusing animal photos, including one with two seals trying to socialize.

Here are a bunch of cartoons on the topic of the day.

Would you like to know how to draw a cartoon sea lion? Check out this video.

I’m sure PETA will frown on this online game, which involves a seal-tossing contest, but I found myself trying it again and again.

Maybe PETA will like this one better. It’s a song protesting the annual hunt of harp seals in the Canadian Arctic.

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