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7 thoughts on “Behavior of Puget Sound orcas is raising concerns

  1. Just curious. Is the environmental elite aware of any other species than orcas and chinook salmon? Are they aware of the larger population of either species, or simply those tiny sub-populations that inhabit the “Salish Sea”?

  2. If there is a possibility that the Orca are heading to the Queen Charlotte’s, or other Canadian waters, for salmon, should there be some concern regarding the escapements from the fish farms in that area and any potential health problems to the Orca should they be feeding on these fish?

  3. I get news out of Alaska. (Find palins stunts amusing). However, they have closed many of their Salmon rivers due to low runs. Those that love Copper River Salmon may already know it closed 2 weeks early. Other silver salmon rivers have also closed early. Believe it or not, Alaskans are starting to worry about their salmon. About time! I am old and born here. I thought all salmon fishing should have stopped in the 1970’s. It was starting the downward slide that early and no one listened to anyone that didn’t fish. Well, I fish but not for salmon although it is my favorite. I don’t buy farm raised either. Now on Social security, I can’t afford salmon but that is okay. I love orcas even more than the salmon. We always wait too long before we listen, as usual.
    I have stopped eating shellfish just because of waste dumping into the sound. Once a year, I go to the Farmers Market and spurge on a Dungeness, my reward for not fishing any more. Actually, I am becoming afraid to eat anything any place due to pollution and carelessness. If the pipes are old, sewage goes into the sound, the state should fix it as it destroys an entire food chain and put everyone at risk. It is a sad world we now live in. No respect for our earth, air or water.

  4. Thanks for the interesting news. For now I’m willing to chalk it up to our destruction of the salmon, combining with over 25 days without rain. The low salmon runs combined with the lack of rain is probably keeping the dwindling Orca pods elsewhere. If they aren’t back by mid July, that will become even more alarming.

  5. At least 6 of the L-pod were seen up at the northern end of Vancouver Island on May 29th.
    L41,L77,L79,L12,L22,L89 were positively identified.
    Information from orca-live.net

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