Sun pillar over Hood Canal offers us a science lesson


Dr. Dale Ireland, a Silverdale dentist, is more than your typical amateur astronomer and photographer. He frequently sends me interesting pictures, and his time-lapse movies of weather changes are often used by local TV weather forecasters.

Today, he sent this photo of a sun pillar bursting through the clouds over the Olympic Mountains. I’ve heard of sun pillars, probably from him. They are created from sunlight reflecting off jagged ice crystals in the clouds.

For a more detailed explanation and a lot more examples, visit the site called Atmospheric Optics. Advance by clicking on the arrows in the upper right corner.

One thought on “Sun pillar over Hood Canal offers us a science lesson

  1. Nearly all sun pillars and haloed suns (usually close to high noon) can be explained using meteorological terms, yet since the onset of intense chemtrailing over our area about nine or ten years ago, these phenomena have become exponentially more commonplace.

    The mid-to-upper atmosphere is being constantly seeded and cultivated with various barium, aluminum, and other metallic compounds. We are living in a haze of these dusts which are gradually percolating down to earth, contaminating soil, water, and our own lungs. In the course of this percolation, haloes, pillars, and strange clouds of various kinds are occurring almost daily.

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