Amusing Monday: It’s about time for some music…

It’s amusing Monday again. We’ve had stories, photos, odd-ball videos, animal tricks, cartoons, jokes and even award-winning films. What we haven’t had so far is music.

Bowser (left) and Blue

So here, for your listening pleasure (or at least your temporary amusement I hope), are a couple of funny Canadians who have been writing off-the-wall songs and making fools of themselves for about 30 years. They live in Montreal and call themselves Bowser and Blue, which I thought sounded like a couple of dogs until I realized that their names are George Bowser and Rick Blue.

The following video is a performance of their song “Halifax Harbour.” I chose this tune because Halifax is one of Canada’s “water ways.” But you may wish to check out some of their other performances, listed on their Web page on You Tube. With Christmas not far off, check out “Why Spell Christmas with an X?”

Be forewarned, however. Some of their songs are slightly irreverent, off-color and even medically oriented. But if you happen to be in the right frame of mind, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these two wild and crazy guys.

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