Let’s enjoy clouds, no matter what they do

Clouds are more than just beautiful arrangements of moisture floating in the sky. They can inspire the poetic, artistic and spiritual sides of humans, as you can see from this video featured on this week’s “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Clouds may also be an important, and still uncertain, factor in global warming. Some researchers, including skeptic and satirist Roy W. Spencer of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, believes clouds may help save us from the extremes of global warming.

Spencer, who has written a new report with co-author, William “Danny” Braswell, had this to say in the June 18 issue of Science Daily:

“Our paper is an important step toward validating a gut instinct that many meteorologists like myself have had over the years, that the climate system is dominated by stabilizing processes, rather than destabilizing processes — that is, negative feedback rather than positive feedback.”

So let’s celebrate clouds, no matter what they may mean or not mean to the world.

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