Partnership releases outline of Action Agenda

The staff of the Puget Sound Partnership has released a proposed outline for the Puget Sound Action Agenda. This much-anticipated document is due to be completed by Dec. 1.

The outline is a pretty good description of how the action agenda will be structured. For illustrative purposes, I’ve included the top-level topics below on this entry. If it piques your curiosity, you’ll want to go to the Partnership’s Web site to see far more details than I’ve included here.

Meanwhile, I covered a meeting of the Hood Canal Action Area Tuesday afternoon. We learned that many groups are doing many things to protect and restore Hood Canal. The need for money is always an issue. My brief story on the meeting was published in today’s Kitsap Sun.

2020 Action Agenda Draft Outline (July 15, 2008)

The Action Agenda will be a short document focused on action. There will be a longer Action Agenda Report with more detailed back up information.

1.0 What is the current status of Puget Sound’s health and what are the biggest threats to it?
1.1 Problem statement. The problem statement will describe key constraints to the Puget Sound ecosystem. It will be based on the:
1.2 Summarize the status and key threats for each of the seven action areas
1.3 Summarize current management approach to Puget Sound

2.0 What is a healthy Puget Sound?
2.1 Goals from the legislation (6)
2.2 Science-based features of a healthy ecosystem.

3.0 What actions should be taken that will move us from where we are today to a healthy Puget Sound by 2020?
3.1 What is our current approach?
3.2 Principles for ecosystem management in Puget Sound.
3.3 A very short list (3-4) overarching system-wide strategies needed
3.4 Performance Management
3.5 Funding Strategy
3.6 Overview of strategic science needs
3.7 How the Action Agenda will evolve in the future?

4.0 Where should we start?
4.1 Partnership Initiatives. A few key topic and/or geographic priorities where the Puget Sound Partnership will focus in the next two years.
4.2 Near-term actions to the Puget Sound Partnership as an agency

A. Summary of the Sound-wide Threats and Drivers Analysis
B. Topic Forum discussion papers (six individual and related summary documents)
C. Supplemental material from the Action Area Profiles (including summaries of inventory of current actions)
D. Summary of Inventory of Current Actions
E. Summary of roles and responsibilities in Puget Sound protection and restoration
F. Overview of existing regional plans
G. Funding Strategy Work Products
H. Performance Management System: Adaptive Management, Accountability System, Ecological Monitoring (including provisional ecological indicators)
I. Strategic Science Plan
J. Biennial Science Work Plan
K. Summary of Outreach and Public Engagement for the Action Agenda process

One thought on “Partnership releases outline of Action Agenda

  1. It’s really nice that some people are interested in getting together and planning to do something.

    Are ya ever gonna get ’round to actually doin’ anything except havin’ meetings about what should be done? L.C.

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