A brief update to the new blog software

I hate to take your time with administrative details, so I’ll make this short.

For those of you signed up for e-mail under the old blog software, you should now be getting e-mail about my latest entries. I am unable to add personal notes, so you’ll see a sample of writing from each entry. Also, because I feel it is sometimes important to tell you about breaking news, I’m setting the system to send a note with every posting. I hope that works for most people.

RSS is now available for this and other Kitsap Sun blogs. This is a simple way to keep track of updates with a “feed reader” or a browser with the RSS feature. Firefox, for example, lets you put your favorite blogs in your toolbar, so you can easily see the headlines of recent entries and open them with a click of your mouse. (I subscribe to both e-mail notifications AND RSS for some blogs.)

To use RSS, click on the button in the right column. If it hasn’t been fixed yet, click on this URL.

Finally, a new first-time feature is the ability to e-mail an entry to someone with a click of your mouse. The button is at the bottom of each entry. Of course, I would be thrilled if you use this feature to introduce new and interesting folks to Watching Our Water Ways.

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