Are you aware of concerns about certain plastic bottles?

If I’m going to bring up objections about drinking water from disposable (at best recyclable) plastic bottles and encourage people to reuse bottles, I suppose I ought to make sure everyone knows about concerns regarding bottles made from bisphenol A, also known as BPA.

My wife found several of the bottles around our house, and I’ve asked that our family not use them until safety issues are resolved. I believe one of he biggest concerns is exposing babies to heated liquids in bottles made of BPA.

The bottles are hard plastic and clear, though they may be colored. They may be marked with a recycling code “7” or the letters “PC.” Bottles with the “7” code and “PES” are BPA-free polyethersulfone.

A good summary of the findings can be found in the May issue of Consumer Reports, which I urge everyone to read.

Other sources include a report by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Understand that Our Stolen Future is an advocacy group, but the Web site contains links to a vast number of scientific studies, which the more scientific minded can sink their teeth into.

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