Delight in action and color with underwater video

John Williams of Suquamish, a diver and founder of Still Hope Productions, does a fabulous job with his underwater video and production of a television series, which he offers to public access television stations throughout the region. The program is called Sea-Inside Pacific Northwest.

As a former diver, I am amazed at the quality Williams and his contributors are able to obtain in their underwater video shots. There’s no need for me to go on with words. Just click below for the preview that he provides on his Web site.

To figure out when the program airs, find your public access television station and note the time or click on the schedule.

Williams is starting into his third season of programming for Sea-Inside. With this 13th episode, he pays tribute to another program — one produced by Jenny Cunningham for KCTS Channel 9, an affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Service.

I love the ability to watch past episodes of the KCTS program, called Puget Sound Matters, on the station’s Web site.

If you were not aware of Sea-Inside and Puget Sound Matters until now, I hope they provide you with a fresh view of our local waterways.

2 thoughts on “Delight in action and color with underwater video

  1. Beautiful pictures….startlingly clear…. and reminding me of our wonderful living underwater society.

    I have photos taken by a Seabeck man a few years ago
    whose underwater photos were bought by a Mexican magazine equivalent of National Geographic.
    His octopus and egg hatching sequence is a marvelous photo story. I bought and framed them just to see them every day.

    I couldn’t read the article but the photos seem to speak to all in the same language.

    Christopher… .Is an underwater photo only space possible or wanted on your blog?
    If people could ‘see’ these critters – including those damaged or missing due to pollution – they would have a better understanding how much our world depends on us to continue living.
    Nice photos, thanks for the treat…
    Sharon O’Hara

  2. If people would like to see underwater photos, I’d be willing to post them on this blog. It sounds like a good idea to me.

    Let’s put it this way: If you have taken a good photo you want to share, e-mail it to me at

    Write up the story that goes with your photo, and I’ll try to post it. For those who have a Web site, I could probably link to a higher resolution version than what I can show here.

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