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World Swimming: Adrian Fails to Qualify for 100 Finals

Suffering his first disappointment at the world championships in Rome, Nathan Adrian narrowly misses qualifying for the finals of the 100 free on Wednesday.

Nathan was strong in the first 50, with a split of 22.66, but slowed down in the final stretch to finish in 48.13, slower than his qualifying time from the world trials in Indianapolis to place him 10th. Top 8 go to finals. Alain Bernard of France is the top qualifier in 47.27.

I don’t know if Nathan and his coaches were expecting the finals time to be a sub-48, or for Bernard to nearly break the world record, 47.05. He is always so good at calculating where he needs to be. Honestly, however, one has to think that you go fast in the semis because the finals are the following night. You’d have time to recover. 

I’m a little stunned to be honest.

Nathan will have another shot at an individual event in the 50 free, which begins Friday. Plus, he should be named to Saturday’s 400 medley relay as well.

World Swimming Champs: Adrian Into Semis

As I write this post, I thought I might be able to update it before the wee small hours of the morning to let you know how Nathan did in the 100 free prelims. Well…yeah…about that. He’s swimming in the LAST of the 22 heats. Right now, it’s Heat 8. I’ll try to hang on.

I did check out the start list to see who he was racing with and it’s a who’s who of sprinters. 

Right next to our guy is Alain Bernard (who is GINORMOUS!) not to mention Roland Schoeman of Russia, Brazil’s Cesar Cielo and Canada’s Brent Hayden.

Is it just me, or has the ‘media’ gone Phelps-crazy? It’s like Phelps.TV 24/7. There are so many great stories out there by so many swimmers, like Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones, Rebecca Soni, heck even newcomer Kasey Carlson who won a bronze medal in the 100 breast. 

What do you think? Is it too much Michael, or not enough?

Another WHOOPS! moment brought to you by the fine makers of those lovely rubber suits everywhere. Aren’t you glad you don’t have to wear one to work?

Here’s a video of Nathan Adrian I found after the 400 relay win from the media room. 

And we are at Heat 12 of 22! Whoo-Hoo!!

I want to say a big Thank You to all my readers! The Blogstroke debuted in the No. 10 spot among Kitsap staff blogs! We’re only just beginning, baby!!

Heat 15 of 22 has started!

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So I’m keeping track of the heats through omegatiming.com (love it!) because the livestream from universalsports.com isn’t working. Has anyone gotten it to work? Does it just hate Macs? Just curious…

We’re at Heat 18! Oh, so close!!

I wonder what Nathan’s thinking at this point? If you’re a swimmer, make a comment below and let us know what goes through your mind as you wait to take to the starting block.

Heat 20! The times have dropped from high 53s to now sub-49 low. Matthew Targett of Australia was just off the world-record time at the 50 split. It’s getting craaaazzzyyy!!!

Here we go! Heat 22 is about to start…Nathan had a decent reaction time off the block, and was about third at the 50-split (23.06) and finished fourth in his heat with a time of 48.13. That should put him easily into the semifinals. Alain Bernard won in 47.80. No one set a world record but it’s only the prelims.

Again, Nathan swims at 9 a.m., so check back here for coverage if you can’t get it on TV or the online streaming. 

UPDATE: Nathan tied for the ninth fastest swim from the prelims, with Andrey Grechin of Russia. American David Walters was the fastest qualifier in 47.59.


Saying Goodbye to a Kitsap Legend

For Olympic Aquatic Club, and many other swimmers/parents/fans, Thursday will be a bittersweet day. One of the largest end-of-summer meets, the PNS Championships in Federal Way, gets underway — but it’s also the meet where longtime OAC head coach Bonnie Burmaster will, at the end, retire from coaching. You can read about it here as well as see a video of Bonnie.

I had a chance not to long ago to visit with Bonnie, and husband Elwin at their farm off Waaga Way (that’s a little slice of heaven right there!) and I can certainly see why she will be missed. It has to be impossible not to like Bonnie. Her joy for her ‘swim’ kids is apparent and she never treated it like a job or chore —

something she had to do. Plus, she’s one of the kindest and funniest people I’ve met.

For Bonnie it’s always been about teaching the kids and cheering on their successes. She will be greatly missed. So if you see Bonnie on the deck at KCAC Thursday-Sunday, give her a hug and tell her thanks. She deserves it. Continue reading