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Results available from Divisional meet held at OAC

With the majority of our swimmers participating in the Pacific Northwest Division 4 meet at Olympic Aquatic Club last weekend, it would take me much too long to mention everyone. So, I’m going to hit on a few highlights and then tell you you can find the results at the website.

Several swimmers pulled down multiple wins. For girls, Kira Crane of Olympic Aquatic Club won the 50 backstroke, 50 butterfly, 100 Individual Medley in the 13 and over category. Jaine Macias of Port Angeles Swim Club won the 100 back, 200 fly and 200 IM while Carter Juskevich of PASC picked up wins in the 50 breast and 200 breast.

In the 11-12 category, Kira Ashmore of OAC won the 200 back and 100 fly.

For boys, Ian Stefanski of Poulsbo Piranhas Swim Team earned wins in the 9-year-old 50 back and 50 breast. Bainbridge Island Swim Club’s Collin Bushey was first in the 50 fly and 50 back in the 10-year-old category. In the 11-12, PPST’s Jesse Johnston won the 200 back and 100 back. And ross Burchell of OAC won the 50 breast and 100 IM in the 13 and over category.

Port Orchard Classic results here

With the Port Orchard Classic being a local meet, it wouldn’t make sense for me to focus on our locals because they’re are too many locals to count. So, with that being said here’s a link to the results. That way you can look through the results and find what you want.

Evergreen Swim Club won the team title with 631 points, followed by Olympic Aquatic Club (403.5) and Port Angeles Swim Club (345.5). Poulsbo Piranhas were 10th (29) and Bangor Trident Swim Team (3) was 11th.

Locals fare very well at Dick LaFave meet

The Olympic peninsula was well represented on the medal podium last weekend at the Dick LaFave long-course kickoff meet at KCAC in Federal Way.

Clubs from our neck of the woods included Olympic Aquatic Club, Bainbridge Island Swim Club, Port Angeles Swim Club and Poulsbo Piranhas Swim Team as well as several swimmers not attached to a club. BISC finished third in the girls team standings with 173 points. The Piranhas were sixth (106.5), PASC was 16th (24 points) and OAC was 20th (12).

On the boys side, Bainbridge was third (272), Olympic sixth (88), Poulsbo tied with Valley Aquatics for seventh (78), while unattached/OAC swimmers were 14th (25) and PASC finished 16th (nine).

With so many kids swimming, I’m only going to mention the top three finishers from each age group and event in this post. You can find full results from the meet on the website.


400 IM (11-12 year old)—2, Shannon Campbell (BISC).

400 IM (13-14)—1, Lia Campbell (BISC)

400 free (10-Under)—2, Briann Hoffman (PPST)

400 free (13-14)—2, Hannah Tonsmann (BISC).

50 fly (10-Under)—2, Margaret Hayes (BISC). 3, Ava Harris (PPST).

50 fly (11-12)—3, Eleanor Beers (PPST) 31.44 (meet record).

50 free (1o-Under)—3, Hayes (BISC).

50 free (11-12)—1, Beers (BISC).

200 free (11-12)—2, Beers (BISC). 3, S. Campbell (BISC).

200 fly (13-14)–1, L. Campbell (BISC).

100 back (13-14)—1, L. Campbell (BISC). 3, Carina Laukitis (BISC).

200 breast (13-14)—3, Tonsmann (BISC).

200 IM (13-14)—1, L. Campbell (BISC).

200 fly (11-12)—3, Kira Ashmore (OAC).

1oo back (10-Under)—3, Harris (PPST).

100 back (11-12)—2, Eldon-Everts (BISC). 3, Beers (BISC).

100 free (10-Under)—2, Hoffman (PPST).

100 free (11-12)—1, Beers (PPST).

100 fly (10-Under)—1, Harris (PPST).

50 free (13-14)—1, L. Campbell (BISC) 28.19 (meet record).

100 fly (13-14)—1, Sam Caro (unatt./Bain)

200 back (13-14)—1, L. Campbell (BISC).

200 back (15-Over)—2, McKenzie Bell (BISC).

100 breast (13-14)—2, Caro (unatt./Bain).


400 IM (11-12)—3, Kevin Houseman (BISC)

400 free (10-Under)—1, Ian Lipton (BISC). 2, Andrew Renninger (OAC).

50 fly (10-Under)—2, Lipton (BISC).

50 back (11-12)—1, Tim Gallagher (PPST) 32.67 (meet record). 2, Aaron Markow (BISC).

50 breast (11-12)—1, Houseman (BISC) 33.64 (meet record).

50 free (10-Under)—1, Lipton (BISC) 32.22 (meet record).

200 free (10-Under)—2, Renninger (OAC).

200 free (11-12)—1, Jude Wenker (BISC). 3, Gallagher (PPST).

200 fly (13-14)—1, Makai Ingalls (BISC). 2, Nathan Rubie (OAC).

100 back (13-14)—2, Ingalls (BISC).

200 breast (13-14)—2, Zane Guyt (OAC). 3, Carter Hall (BISC).

100 free (13-14)—2, Parker Bushey (BISC).

200 IM (13-14)—3, Bushey (BISC).

200 fly (11-12)—2, Gallagher (PPST).

100 back (10-Under)—1, Lipton (BISC).

100 back (11-12)—3, Markow (BISC).

200 breast (11-12)—1, Houseman (BISC).

100 free (10-Under)—3, Collin Bushey (BISC).

200 IM (10-Under)—1, Lipton (BISC) 2:51.90 (meet record). 3, Renninger (OAC).

200 IM (11-12)—2, Gallagher (PPST).

100 breast (11-12)—1, Houseman (BISC) 1:13.11 (meet record).

200 back (11-12)—2, Gallagher (PPST) 2:34.18 (meet record).

100 fly (10-Under)—1, Lipton (BISC). 3, Renninger (OAC).

50 free (13-14)—2, P. Bushey (BISC). 3, Ingalls (BISC).

100 fly (13-14)—1, Ingalls (BISC). 2, P. Bushey (BISC). 3, Rubie (OAC).

100 breast (13-14)—2, Carter Hall (BISC). 3, Ingalls (BISC).

200 free (13-14)—3, P. Bushey (BISC).

OAC’s Burchell tops PNS time in 50 free

Olympic Aquatic Club finished third at the Port Angeles Spooktacular pentathlon meet Saturday. Bainbridge Island Swim Club, Port Townsend Swim Club, and of course PASC, competed, but I don’t have the final results yet.

OAC’s Ross Burchell posted the fastest 50-yard freestyle by an 11-12 year old boy this year in PNS. Burchell had a time of 26.84 seconds.

Here is a summary of results from OAC:

Emma Johnson, third, 8&U girls; Curtis Stewart, second, 8&U boys; Tyler Stewart, third, 9-10 boys; Chloe Parstch, third, 11-12 girls; Ross Burchell, first, 11-12 boys; Zane Guyt, third, 13-14 boys; Kelsey Crane, second, 15 & Over girls.

Locals among top 10 in PNS rankings

With the club season underway, I thought I’d see how our local club teams are faring in terms of top times and it’s good news all around.

Seven of the eight peninsula-based teams have at least one swimmer ranked in the top 10 in the Pacific Northwest ( I’m listing the area swimmers that have achieved a top 10 time this calendar year. The rankings go through the top 25 which you can find here. My list is long-course meters. The lone exception is girls 9-year-old division. The names that are bolded below means that swimmer is No. 1 in at least one event.

Among them is Bainbridge Island SC’s Lia Campbell. Campbell is No. 1 in nine of the 12 events she swims.

Other swimmers who have multiple No. 1 top times include; Eleanor Beers of Poulsbo Piranhas ST, 50 and 100 freestyle; Brianna Hoffman, PPST, 100 free, 400 free; Ian Lipton, BISC, 50 free, 200 free, 100 free; Aaron Markow, BISC, 50 breast, 100 breast; James Sanchez, Bremerton Y ST, 50 butterfly, 100 fly; and Dylan Macabitas, Puget Sound SC, 100 back, 200 back.

At some point this summer, I’ll also put together the all-time top 10 list.

I think these lists are fun and informative. Plus, you can impress your friends with your knowledge of local swimming. Continue reading

BISC’s Campbell wins two more SC titles

Bainbridge Island’s Lia Campbell won her fourth and fifth individual titles at the Northwest Age Group Short Course swimming championship Sunday at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way.

Campbell won the 13-year old 100-yard butterfly in 57.87 seconds. She followed that with a win in the 200 freestyle in one minute, 53.33 seconds.

In the 15-18 category, Kelsey Crane of the Olympic Aquatic Club won the 100 butterfly in 58.74. Crane was also third in the 200 free.

Other top local placers included BISC’s Mikelle Ackerley who was second in the 200 free in the 15-18 category; Kevin Houseman of Puget Sound Swim Club finished second in the boys 11 year old 50 breaststroke and BISC’s William Waite was second in the 11-12 year old in 200 backstroke in 2:07.91.

For a complete list of local finishers, see below;

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BISC’s Campbell wins two more titles at age group champs

Bainbridge Island Swim Club’s Lia Campbell won two more events at the Northwest Region Short Course Age Group championships Saturday at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way.

Campbell, 13, won the 100-yard freestyle in 52.72 seconds and the 500 free in five minutes, 3.18 seconds. Campbell also won the 50 free on Friday.

Eleanor Beers of the Poulsbo Piranhas won her second event in the 10 & Under division, the 100 free in 58.74. Beers was also third in the 50 butterfly (30.03).

Other local top placers include Kelsey Crane of Olympic Aquatic Club, who was second in the 200 individual medley in the 15-18 category with a time of 2:11.09; BISC’s Candice Rosen was second in the 14-year-old 200 breaststroke in 2:25.04 and BISC’s Allison Murphy was third in the 15-18 200 breaststroke (2:30.47).

Bainbridge’s boys 200 medley relay placed third in the 15-18 division (3:48.83).

For complete listings of local finishers, see below; Continue reading

Three locals win events at age group championships

William Waite, Eleanor Beers and Lia Campbell each walked away with a title from day one of the Northwest Region Short Course Championships on Friday.

Bainbridge Island Swim Club’s Waite won the 100-yard backstroke in Federal Way after he touched the wall at the King County Aquatic Center in 58.62 seconds in the 12-year-old category. He was also fifth in the 400 individual medley.

Waite’s teammate Campbell won the 13-year-old 50 freestyle in 23.97 seconds, just off the NWAG record of 23.80. Campbell was out-touched at the wall by Kelly Huffer of North Whidbey Aquatics in the 13-year-old 200-yard butterfly to place second. Huffer finished in two minutes, 5.99 seconds while Campbell was right behind in 2:06.84.

Beers, who swims for the Poulsbo Piranhas Swim Team, won the 50 freestyle in the 10 and under category in 27.16. Beers was fourth in the 100 backstroke as well.

Other top placers include Olympic Aquatic Club’s Kelsey Crane, who finished second in the 15-18 200 butterfly. Crane touched in 2:10.79, behind Tara Degeorge of Aurora Swim Team in 2:09.13. Crane’s time qualified her for the Western Zone Senior Championships meet July 31-Aug. 4.

Poulsbo Piranhas’ Tim Gallagher was third in the 100 backstroke in the 11 year old category.

See below for complete results of local swimmers;

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Campbell, Beers top seeds in NW Age Group champs

A handful of West Sound swimmers are seeded first in various events at the Northwest Region 2013 Short Course Age Group Championships.

The meet runs Friday-Sunday at the King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way. The morning session begins at 9 a.m. with the second session at 5 p.m.

Bainbridge Island Swim Club’s Lia Campbell is seeded first in four events; the girls 13 year old 50-yard freestyle (24.01 seconds), 100 free (52.31), 100 butterfly (58.61), 200 free (one minute, 53.84 seconds), and she is second in the 200 fly (2:09.32). She’s also seeded fifth in the girls 13-18 year old 500 free.

Eleanor Beers of the Poulsbo Piranhas Swim Team is the top seed in two events, the 10-Under 50 free (27.17) and the 100 free (58.58). She’s also the third seed in the 50 fly and is scheduled to swim the 100 fly, 100 individual medley and 100 back.

Other swimmers garnering top seeds include Olympic Aquatic Club’s Kelsey Crane (a state high school champion in the 500 free for Klahowya) and BISC’s Candice Rosen and Mikelle Ackerley. Crane is No. 1 in the girls 15-18 200 IM in 2:11.52 and the 100 fly (59.17) and is the third seed in the 200 butterfly.

Rosen is the top seed in the 1,650 for the 11-18 category with a time of 17:52.00 and is also seeded third in the 11-18 500 freestyle. Ackerley is the top seed in the 15-18 200 freestyle in 1:56.54.

Port Angeles Swim Club’s Nadia Cole is also No. 1 in the 10 & Under 50 breaststroke in 36.06.

Here’s a list of area swimmers and clubs competing at the meet. If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll update this post;

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Welcome back to the Blogstroke

And I’m back. Say hello to The Blogstroke.

After a hiatus (ok, really I posted anything swimming related to either the Wide World of Kitsap blog or the Prep Beat) during the last several years, but with the new year comes changes.

This blog will be dedicated to all things swimming. From Bremerton’s only Olympic champion and heartthrob to thousands of young ladies Nathan Adrian, to local club swimming and the occasional hat tip to the national and international swimming scene.

During the coming weeks we will transition previous posts from the Wide World blog to this blog, so keep checking back.

FYI, this re-introduction post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge.

First up, your favorite golden boy and ours, Nathan.

Nathan did a question and answer with last Friday. You can find the full Q & A by going to this link.

Here’s a sample to whet your appetite:

@dsc1811 on Twitter asks: Can you describe what altitude training feels like?

Nathan: Death (laughs). When you’re swimming it feels like you have a pile of rocks on your chest, not only making it hard to breathe but making you sink in the water because your muscles aren’t getting enough oxygen to really pull you through the water. That’s only the first couple days; after that you get adjusted and it starts to feel good. You just can’t recover as quickly when you’re between efforts; be it in the weight room or in the pool you just have to take a little more time to really get your breath.

Nathan will be swimming Jan. 18-20 at the Austin Grand Prix in Texas. USA Swimming announced new details Monday for the 2012-2013 Arena Grand Prix Series. The Austin meet is one of six held throughout the season.

The big announcement is the $150,000 in prize money. The money will be awarded to placers in Olympic-events; $500 for first place, $300 for second and $100 for third.

In past years, the overall winner of the series took home the $20,000 purse.

“Since it’s inception, the Grand Prix Series was designed to showcase the best swimming talent in the country,” said Frank Busch, USA Swimming’s National Team Director in a press release. “We’ve always envisioned having this type of prize money to strengthen the level of competition at these meets, and with Arena’s support, it’s become a reality and will help take swimming in the U.S. to the next level.”

Also, the Austin GP will be broadcast on Universal Sports Network live Jan. 19 and 20 from 4-5:30 p.m. (Pacific Time). Check your local listings in your area.

I’ll post results from the prelims and finals here, and you can also follow me on Twitter @AnnetteKSSports

The local club scene is huge here and I’m hoping this blog will showcase some up-and-coming talent. Don’t forget, Kitsap county has produced four Olympic swimmers, Nathan, Tara Kirk Sell and her sister Dana and Emily Silver. Nathan, Tara and Emily have all won Olympic medals. That’s pretty dang impressive.

Here’s a link to a story I wrote not along ago on Bainbridge Island Swim Club’s Lia Campbell. Also, Central Kitsap junior Sam Lingenbrink, who swims for the Bremerton YMCA Swim Team, will be headed to the YMCA Nationals in April.

If you have any story ideas, suggestions for this blog, or other information you’d like to share regarding swimming, please email me at