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Nathan Adrian hit with illness at worlds

This is not the time as a swimmer you’d ever want to be sick, but according to swimmingworld that’s exactly what’s happened to Bremerton’s Nathan Adrian.

According to Jeff Commings of SWM, Adrian and Dana Vollmer were both hit with some sort of illness. Team USA head coach Bob Bowman said both were sick, but he didn’t specify what the illness was.

Commings said in his world notebook story on the website that Adrian was sick during the medal ceremony after the Americans won silver in the 400 free relay.

There was some speculation that Adrian’s time of 47.95 was slow, but quite frankly that time is astounding now if you think about how sick he might be.

I’m sure all of Kitsap is hoping Adrian will recover quickly. The good news is he doesn’t have to swim again until Wednesday’s 100 free prelims. A couple days of rest and hydration will certainly help. He’s tough. He’ll fight through.

I remember when I was covering the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and Bremerton’s Dana Kirk picked up a stomach illness. It completely wiped her out. She was the American’s top swimmer in the butterfly, winning the 200 at trials, and didn’t make the final. I know she was sorely disappointed.

As much as swimmers travel I’m surprised we don’t hear about illnesses more, to be honest, but they tend to keep that pretty quiet.

Bremerton, help out an Olympian!

All right Bremerton, it’s your turn to help out an Olympian and native.

Dana Kirk, a 2004 Olympian and Bremerton/Stanford graduate, needs your votes for her swim team, Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics-Dana Kirk Swimming (DKS) in the USA Swimming Go After Your Goals video contest. The video that receives the most votes will win $5,000.

As Dana explains in the video:

“We are a small independent team that competes within the large structure of the PASA (Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics) program. Being financially independent, and not affiliated with a country club or pool, we have to rent lane space at high rates and cannot always afford the luxury of high quality equipment.”

Here’s the link to Dana’s video. Now go vote and vote often!

New study links swimming to smarter kids

According to a three-year long study by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia, swim kids are smarter kids.

The study, which surveyed parents of 7,000 five-year-olds and younger in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, shows the swimming children reach developmental stages faster than other children.

Here’s an excerpt from the study;

As well as achieving physical milestones faster, children also scored significantly better in visual-motor skills such as cutting paper, colouring in and drawing lines and shapes, and many mathematically-related tasks. Their oral expression was also better as well as in the general areas of literacy and numeracy.

Here’s the story link on the USA Swimming website by Mike Gustafson.

From what I’ve seen during the last 13 years covering swimming in Kitsap, I tend to believe the study. All of our elite-level swimmers, Tara Kirk Sell, Dana Kirk, Nathan Adrian, Emily Silver and their siblings all excelled in high school and as undergrads and graduate students. Currently Tara is getting her doctorate in public health from Johns Hopkins.

Coincidence? Ummm, maybe. But I think the fact that so many of our swimmers started at a very young age helped in their development, both socially, physically and mentally.

Besides, is there anything cuter than a 1-2 year old in the water? I think not.

Video of the Week: Swimming World interview with Dana Kirk

I’m taking a step back in time, but only by a few months or so, for this week’s video.

Bremerton native and 2004 Olympian Dana Kirk was featured in a Swimming World interview after it was announced she joined the staff at Stanford University, where she swam for the late Richard Quick and Lea Maurer.

Kirk is a volunteer assistant coach for the Cardinal as well as head coach for Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics-DKS (Dana Kirk Swimming), a branch of PASA. She’s also the aquatics director for Freemont Hills, an athletic club in Palo Alto.

Here’s the link to the video. It was shot at the American Swimming Coaches Association’s world clinic in Las Vegas last October.


Kirk sisters hosting swim clinic in Palo Alto

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics-DKS coach Dana Kirk is hosting her second Women in Coaching Clinic at the Far Western Championships, Friday-Saturday, at Stanford University.

Kirk, a 2004 Olympian from Bremerton, will be joined by her sister, fellow 2004 Olympian and silver medalist Tara Kirk Sell. Kirk Sell will be speaking on how high school swimmers can make the transition from high school to college, and then college to becoming a professional swimmer.

Also headlining the clinic will be Rachel Stratton-Mills, one of only three female coaches to be have an athlete on the U.S. Olympic team in 2012, as well as the only female coach to have a swimmer on the U.S. National team and the U.S. National Youth team.

Former PASA coach Stephanie Fryberg, Dr. Susan Wood (former lacrosse coach) and Glenn Mills of will also be speaking at the clinic.

You can see a video of Dana talking about the clinic here.