Nathan Adrian, USA Swimming join forces for second year of Make A Splash Initiative

Nathan AdrianMug.jpg
Nathan Adrian

Bremerton’s four-time Olympic medalist and 2012 freestyle champion Nathan Adrian is teaming up with USA Swimming Foundation for a second year to promote its Make A Splash Initiative.

Adrian joins Cullen Jones, Jessica Hardy and Jason Lezak as ambassadors. The initiative has provided swimming lessons and education to children and their families on the importance of learning how to swim. Since 2007, and with the help of its 725 providers, the program has helped more than 3.3 million children, according to USA Swimming.

Also, through the foundation’s Building Champions campaign, USA Swimming supports national team athletes and coaches through subsidies to help them achieve their athletic and personal goals.

Here are some stats provided by USA Swimming on drowning

  • Approximately 10 people drown every day in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with nearly 25 percent children younger than 14
  • 70 percent of African-American and 60 percent of Hispanic/Latino children cannot swim, according to a national research study by the USA Swimming Foundation and the University of Memphis
  • Only 13 percent of kids who come from a non-swimming household will ever learn to swim, the USA Swimming Foundation found
  • African-American children drown at a rate nearly three times higher than their Caucasian peers, the CDC reports
  • Drowning is a silent killer—most young children who drowned in pools were last seen in the home, had been out of sight less than five minutes, and were in the care of one or both parents at the time, according to the Present P. Child Drowning study