Counsilman Center says findings shows bias in pool lanes in Barcelona

According to a study by the Counsilman Center in Indiana, there may have been a current in the pool that could have affected the outcome of the recent FINA World Championships in Barcelona.

Here’s an excerpt from the study:

“There are eight events at FINA World Championship competitions that are 50 meters in length: Men’s and Women’s 50-meter Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. These events are different from the other events at the competition in that they consist of a single length of the competition pool. Because of this, the swimmers begin the 50-meter races at the opposite end of the pool from where they finish. Since the swimmers only perform one length of the pool, the presence of a current in the pool could have a major impact on the event results.”

Interesting considering Bremerton’s Nathan Adrian finished fourth in the 50 free.

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