A visit from Nathan

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Nathan Adrian\'s Olympic Gold Medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics

Nathan just stopped by BOA and we got a chance to see his medal!!  Of course the best part of his visit was actually getting to see him.

BOA is starting to get a bit more fun because now some of the athletes are stopping by.  Amanda Beard, Ricky Berens, Gil Stovall and Nathan were all here today between finals and prelims.  Unfortunately because of the size of this crazy city they were only here for about 45 minutes.  They had to catch a cab back shortly after.

When they were leaving it was pouring down rain!  And two big guys (Ricky and Nathan) and one not so big (Gil) had rain ponchos on and umbrellas.  The poncho came about to Nathan’s thigh.  But, it was great to see him nonetheless.  We will take what we can get.
Tomorrow I don’t think we will be able to see him unless we can somehow get tickets to an event that is in Olympic Park.  So I have about 4 pictures of us in China with Nathan in them.  900 without.  I am sure we can get tickets to something, just not sure if it they will be in the park.  I have no idea how many events go on at the same time, but they are all over creation!

Anyhow, just thought I would share the pics of Nathan 🙂  The one of Nathan in the poncho is of him and Ricky Berens (one of the guys on the 4 x 200 free relay that kicked ASS!). Go USA!!!

2 thoughts on “A visit from Nathan

  1. Some random thoughts about the swimmers in Beijing…
    Michael Phelps: No matter what happens next, he will always be The Man.
    Katie Hoff: The next version of Shirley Babashoff and Jenny Thompson – a great swimmer but can never win individual gold.
    Jason Lezak: If Phelps wins eight, he’ll be remembered as the one who saved him.
    Natalie Coughlin: She is “maganda” (Filipino for “beautiful”).
    Amanda Beard: At least she won a gold medal before she was on the cover of Playboy.
    Alain Bernard: Even though he won the 100 freestyle, he’ll always be remembered for being run down by Lezak.
    Ian Crocker: If he beats Phelps in the 100 fly, it will be the greatest upset ever – and NBC and the Phelps family will be upset at him.
    Nathan Adrian and Emily Silver: Hometown kids done good. GO KNIGHTS! GO SPARTANS!

  2. Donella and family,
    It has been great fun to read about your family’s adventure with Nathan in Beijing. We also raised two swimmers, Matt until he was injured and Lindsey until she decided to hang up her speedo after college, so we understand the sacrifices both swimmers and families make. So, it was with great fun and admiration that we followed Nathan’s success and your adventures. Our old babysitter from many years ago moved to Ca. and began her teaching career near our home. Her mother had been a good friend years ago, long story short, her daughter’s name is Mary Kay Hollenbeck and she was the Rec. Director/Swim Instructor at the Bremerton pool and she remembers the Adrian swimmers quite well. And like many others was quite excited to see the hometown boy make the BIG time. So, Congrats to Nathan and Kudos to you and your family for sharing your great adventure.

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