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If this is Christmas …

Why am I talking to Terry Mosher on Christmas about story ideas while waiting for our Texas designers to finish up the scoreboard page? Does Terry Mosher ever take a day off? Terry Mosher has spread a lot of good will in our pages over the years. I get asked all of the time how you subscribe to The Sports Paper Weekly that Mosher produces. OK, listen up: Call 360-792-9222 and say you want to subscribe. It’ll cost you $1.50 a week.

If this is Christmas, and it still is — at least for a couple more hours — why am I thinking about that two-week trip I’ve got planned to Arizona in mid-March?

And a couple of buddies tell me that it’s only 33 days until the Waste Management Phoenix Open. This PGA Tour event is golf’s version of the Georgia-Florida tailgate party. Sounds like fun, and you get to watch a little golf, too. It’s on the Bucket List. This year? I’m a definite maybe.

And if this is Christmas — and you know it is because the NBA’s the only game going on — then why didn’t I know that Nate Robinson was with the Chicago Bulls? And why doesn’t he play more. Nate scored 28 points in 27 minutes in a loss, and I just looked and saw where he bust loose for 12 of his 18 points in the fourth quarter last week while helping the Bulls beat the Boston Celtics. “I had to go back to my whole Peter Pan theory, man. You can’t fight without happy thoughts,” Nate said after that win.

And what’s holding up that scoreboard page, anyway? I can get home at a decent hour. I might have time to watch the ending of It’s a Wonderful Life. Fell asleep last night. What a wonderful movie. I asked my wife what it was about Jimmy Stewart that made him such a lady killer. “His charm,” she said. “He’s so charming.”

Saw that Washington might be losing another assistant coach from the offensive side of the ball. Joel Thomas, the former Port Angeles and Idaho star, took a job with Arkansas over the weekend. Good for Joel. Good guy and he must have done something right after working with Chris Polk for three seasons and Bishop Sankey this past year. The latest to go? Wide receiver coach Jimmie Dougherty is reportedly going to be the offensive coordinator at San Jose State. He was the OC at San Diego before coming to the UW and is getting back together with Ron Caragher, the former San Diego coach who is now at SJS.

It’s pretty quiet in The Sun newsroom tonight. Me and Herron Miller, who is putting the rest of the paper together. Reporter Amy Phan was in earlier. Other that that, it’s been eerily quiet. Which is a good thing because who wants to cover a big, breaking news story on Christmas Day.

There’s still plates full of cookies about 15 steps away, but somebody, please stick a fork in me. I’m done.

I think I heard the roar of the crowd at CenturyLink in Illahee Sunday night. I couldn’t make the game, but I wasn’t going to miss it. I jumped on the bandwagon after viewing the 58-0 demolition of the Cardinals. They followed it up with a 50-17 win over Buffalo, and tacked on a stunning 42-13 win over San Francisco that has put visions of Russell Wilson dancing in all of our heads. The only worry from here is did the-team-that-nobody-wants-to-play peak too soon? There’s still a week left in the regular season, then the Seahawks will have to stay hot for three more weeks to get to the Super Bowl. But if you ask me who I think will win the Super Bowl, right now I’d say the Seahawks. Nobody is playing better.

If this is Christmas, do you think Pete Carroll went Carrolling?

OK, that Clippers-Nuggets game has been over for a while. Jeez, 14 straight for the Clips? Who knew? Who cares? Let’s get it on the page and out the door before Christmas is over.

If this is Christmas, and even if it’s not, I’m giving Bree Schaaf a shout out. I haven’t talked to the Bremerton bobsledder since she had to pull out of the U.S. trials because her hip wasn’t 100 percent following surgery. Missing the current World Cup season has got to be killing the former Olympian. Schaaf, fifth at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games, has had her heart set on competing in Sochi, Russia, in 2014. The odds seem longer now than they did a year ago, but don’t count her out. I won’t be surprised to see her back in a U.S. sled next year and competing in another Olympics the year after that. Get well, and give ’em hell, Bree.

Here’s some good wishes for Kyler Talbot, too. The Silverdale excavator, who won a world’s offshore boat championship a couple years ago, is currently laid up after tearing a tricep muscle while in Florida. Get well, and give ’em hell, Kyler.

Yes, I’m still waiting on that scoreboard page. Some of you probably didn’t know The Sun was designed in Texas. Yep, the business has changed. OK, I’m going to date myself, but when I started working here — I think it was ought 6 — I typed my stories on the same paper that I dried my hands off with in the bathroom. We had glue pots and pica poles and we pasted the pages together. Then somebody edited it before shoving it in a plastic folder and placing it in a conveyor belt that took it down to the print shop. Yes, we’ve come a long way, some of us not as far as others.

The cookies are starting to look pretty good again, and,well, it is still Christmas.

Wait! Stop the presses! A scoreboard proof just landed on my desk. It looks pretty clean to me. I’m gonna sign this puppy off and head home to enjoy the last hour of Christmas.

It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, I hope your paper gets to your doorstep on time because they won’t be able to blame me. We beat deadline by an hour.








Silverdale’s Talbot wins offshore race on a tragic day at Key West

Congrats to Kyler Talbot of Silverdale, who won the first of three races that he will compete in during the annual Key West Offshore Powerboat Championships. Talbot competes in the superboat stock class. He was the world champion a year ago.

You can take a ride along with Talbot and throttleman Joey Gratton in this YouTube video from a race at last year’s world championships. Pretty cool. You get an idea of what it’s like out there on the open water.

Unfortunatley, tragedy marred the races on Wednesday. A driver and a throttleman from Missouri died, racing later in the day, died after a violent crash. Here’s the link to my story with an eye-witness account from Bremerton’s Jon Jennings, part of Talbot’s crew.

I’ve been told there’s a fairly sizeable group from the Bremerton/Silverdale area following Talbot this week. It’s an expensive hobby, but the excavator from Silverdale has already shown that he’s one of the best offshore drivers in the world.

Here’s hoping for a safe and triumphant week of racing for Kyler.