What some are tweeting after Husky loss

Chris Petersen’s Mike Leach-like decision to not take a knee late in the game against Arizona is creating quite a post-game stir.  Here are a few tweets following the Huskies’ 27-26 loss:

Jim Moore @cougsgo · 50m 50 minutes ago
So it was a purple-and-gold version of the New Mexico Bowl. Wow. Hard to believe once, but twice? These guys make $3 million a year.

Dave Softy Mahler ‏@Softykjr 3m3 minutes ago Bellevue, WANo legit reason whatsoever for Petersen to not take a knee at end of game. Whatever his play chart says. burn it, How can you justify that?

Aaron Levine ‏@AaronQ13Fox 13m13 minutes ago

“@A_Jude: Chris Petersen said UW’s “chart” dictated that the Huskies needed another first down with 1:30ish left.” Hahaha. A chart!

Aaron Levine ‏@AaronQ13Fox 7m7 minutes ago
I’ll be first to admit I don’t know more about football than Chris Petersen does on his pinky. But I can do basic math most of the time.

John Blanchette ‏@JPBlanchette 25m25 minutes ago
He might even do his radio show RT @cougsgo: Just guessing, but I’ll bet Chris Petersen will at least take responsibility for his screw-up.

Jim Moore ‏@cougsgo 23m23 minutes ago
@JPBlanchette Always be a good sport, be a good sport ALL WAYS… unless you forget to take 3 knees, that is. #GoCougs

Steve Sandmeyer ‏@SteveSandmeyer 27m27 minutes ago
On the Cooper fumble, UW snapped the ball on first down with 1:33 left. Arizona had one timeout. 40 second play clock. Do the math.

Percy Allen ‏@percyallen 35m35 minutes ago
Rick Neuheisel says “it’s unforgivable as a coaching staff” for UW to mismanage last minutes. No need to run a play with 2:08 left.

Vince Dice ‏@Vince_Dice 60m60 minutes ago
I’m not a Husky fan, but good lord do I feel sorry for people who are. @davnelson @a_binion

David Nelson ‏@davnelson 52m52 minutes ago
@Vince_Dice @a_binion Feeling a little Cougish right now, actually. (How’s that as a coping mechanism?)

Ed Friedrich ‏@efriedrich 45m45 minutes ago
@davnelson @Vince_Dice @a_binion They had every right to lose that.

Steve Sandmeyer ‏@SteveSandmeyer 1m1 minute agoAnd just to make clear, anyone who thinks Petersen should be fired or was the wrong choice is brain dead. He had a bad game. He’ll own it.

Chris Daniels retweeted
Christian Caple ‏@ChristianCaple 14m14 minutes ago
If UW kneels on 1st down, UA likely calls TO with 1:30 left. That gives Huskies 90 seconds to kill with two plays/80 seconds of play clock.



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