Kitsap’s biggest 12th Man-fan has new middle name: Patrick Seahawk Duncan

Monday night on this blog I posed the question: Who’s the biggest Seahawks’ fan in Kitsap County?
Tuesday morning I got my answer. I had five emails in my inbox, all promoting Poulsbo’s Pat Duncan.
When I discovered that Duncan had legally changed his middle name to Seahawk, that sealed the deal.
Yep, I’m among many who believe that Patrick Seahawk Duncan is Kitsap’s biggest fan of the Seattle Seahawks.
I suggested the story to the editors at The Sun, and they liked it. The plan was to write about this North Kitsap grad and PSNS workernext week, before the NFC Championship game (yeah, we’re banking on a Seattle victory over the Saints).
But it’s hard to keep a story like that quiet, and King-5 found out about Patrick Seahawk Duncan and they plan to air their story on Friday or Saturday.
“So my fellow 12’s my plan was to announce this at the Hawk party on Saturday but King 5 News in Seattle got wind of my antics and will be at our house in the AM to a piece on Patrick Seahawk Duncan and his lovley wife. YOU READ THAT RIGHT I CHANGED MY MIDDLE NAME TO SEAHAWK. Super fan powers are now activated. I will post an official pic later. We have a ton to do before King 5 gives you the tour of our Hawks nest.”
I’m still planning to do the story on Duncan for The Sun. He has a collection of Seahawks jerseys (around 75). His wife, Jamie, told me via email that Patrick has rotated jerseys every day since the season started.
Some of you might recognize Duncan from the 1947 leather helmet painted in Seahawks’ colors that he wears to games.
Pat’s previous middle name? William.
“It wasn’t like I was named after my grandfather or it had a special family meaning,” he said. “And my dad is a big Seahawks’ fan. He was kind of cool with it, but said I’d always be Patrick William Duncan to him.”
All of Duncan’s family and friends have Hawk nicknames. Patrick is Jesus Hawk (“once you see him, you’ll understand,” said Jamie). Jamie is Squawk Hawk because she’s pretty boisterous.
So go ahead and check out King-5 for the TV story and look for my story next week in The Sun. I’m looking forward to getting a tour of his Hawks Nest, checking out all of his memorabilia and Seahawks-related stuff and finding out what drives a guy to change his middle name to Seahawk.

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