Who’s biggest Seahawks’ fan in Kitsap County?

I’m looking for the best, die-hard Seattle Seahawks fan in Kitsap County.

Can anybody help me?

Maybe it’s someone who hasn’t missed a game since 1976?

It might be someone like this 3-year-old girl who knows the team better than a lot of adults.

Or maybe it’s that guy with a room dedicated to Seahawks’ memorabilia?

Or the guy who wears a different Seahawks’ jersey to work everyday?

Could be the quiet neighbor lady who paints her face lime green and blue on game day and cheers her lungs out at CenturyLink?

Volume 12, a company dedicated to the Seahawks and their fans, came up with three nominations for best fan. But they’re not Kitsap fans. I want to know who Kitsap’s best fan is.

If you have a nomination, email me at chuckstark00@gmail.com. Let me know why you think this is the biggest fan in Kitsap County.





3 thoughts on “Who’s biggest Seahawks’ fan in Kitsap County?

  1. Pat “Seahawk” Duncan is with out a question the BIGGEST Seahawks fan! He is no fair weather fan. He is no “nothing else to do on a Sunday” fan! He is the 12th man. He bleeds green and blue. He has an extraordinarily large amount of memorabilia from many years back until present. He NEVER EVER misses a game. He is the god father to our boys and he makes sure they are outfitted with Seahawks jerseys every season. I, not being a football fan (don’t hate me) have also been given a jersey to wear on game day because as part of Pat’s family he wants no one left out of the excitement of game day. Therefore he bought one for me 🙂 I have never know someone to know as many facts, stats and information about anything either! He is also a great person that would love to have the title as the biggest Seahawks fan. And truly he is! As Pat says after just about anything GO HAWKS!

  2. Patrick Seahawks Duncan, this is his. Facebook name has been a Seahawks fan for as long as I’ve known him. He did not get on the band wagon this year. I have known him for nine years and he is always talking Seahawks and wearing their appeal. Pat and his wife Jamie are always at the home games and any other Seahawks events in the area . I remember pat shaved the Seahawks logo on the side of his head. One year. In closing it does not get any better than Patrick Seahawks Duncan!

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