Fred Couples calls Hall of Fame induction ‘coolest night of my life’

There’s Ted Williams’ baseball swing, Dan Marino’s football sling, and Ray Allen’s outside shot in basketball, but none are as sweet as Freddy Couples’ golf swing.

The Seattle native was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame on Monday. He teared up a couple times and told the story about how Lee Trevino inspired him as a 14-year-old.

A lot of people forget that Couples, who attended O’Dea High, competed against a lot of Kitsap Peninsula golfers when the Irish were part of the Olympic League.

Couples turned pro on a whim in 1980, and looking back, he called it “the dumbest decision,” he ever made. He turned pro so he could play in the Queen Mary Open in 1980.

You can see Couples’ acceptance speech here. “Thanks for taking a kid from Seattle and putting him in the Hall of Fame. This is the coolest night of my life,” is how an emotional Couples ended his speech.


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