Lincecum not so freaky; Gibby helping at PLU

Don’t look now, but Tim Lincecum’s sporting a new look. The San Francisco Giants pitcher from Issaquah has cut his flowing locks. The hippy look is gone, replaced by a clean-cut hairdo that would make most of our mothers proud.

Can we still call him The Freak? That will likely determined by how he fares on the mound. The 28-year-old is coming off a disappointing season, although Tim seemed to have his old stuff back coming out of the bullpen in the playoffs. He was nasty while helping the Giants bag another World Series. He’s making $22 million this year, but there’s plenty of incentive because it’s the last year of his contract.

Whatever happens, you can’t knock what he’s done to date: Tim’s a two-time Cy Young winner, a four-time All-Star and has two World Series rings.

A little known fact: Lincecum’s dad, Chris Lincecum, once played for the Kitsap Outsiders semi-pro club in the early 1970s. He was a pickup player. The Outsiders played their home games at old Roosevelt Field.

The Outsiders coach? Former East High and Central Washington baseball player Wayne Gibson, who assembled the best local talent and augmented it with some of the best players from across the state. Steve Glasser, Butch Holt, Larry Seabaugh, Dave Pyles,

Gibby was an assistant basketball coach at Olympic College, and later head coach at Ferndale High School. He also assisted at Western Washington for a year, and was an assistant under Marv Harshman at the University of Washington for a year before assisting four years at Wisconsin-Green Bay. He’s currently the owner and president of Unlimited Potential and he worked this season as a volunteer coach with the men’s hoops program at Pacific Lutheran.

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