Tuesday links: Deer-antler spray in the news; MLB has another BALCO-like crisis to deal with

Radio waves and deer-antler spray, the latest way to get an edge on the playing field? Hologram stickers? Are you kidding me? SI.com has published a story about a company called Sports with Alternatives to Steroids (S.W.A.T.S.) and its connection to high-profile athletes like Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Lewis said he didn’t use deer-antler spray, which contains a banned substance (IGF-1),  during his recovery from a torn bicep. Here’s the Yahoo Sports! report. A longer version of the Sports Illustrated story will be in the magazine that hits newsstands Feb. 4. You will  shake your head and wonder what’s next?

And that’s not the only news breaking on the Tuesday before the Super Bowl. A-Rod’s back in the news. A Miami Times report names Alex Rodriguez and other MBL players in a story about how performance enhancing drugs. (A spokesman for A-Rod has already issued a denial). Rodiguez’s account was paid through Aug. 30, 2012, according to the report in Yahoo Sports! This could lead to another BALCO-type scandal for baseball and suspensions for the players named. Texas outfielder Nelson Cruz and Washington pitcher Gio Gonzalez are among the players named. The same clinic has also been connected to players who have already served suspensions: Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon. MLB is investigating.

And some stories coming out of the Super Bowl:

The future of the NFL is debated in this story by FOX Sports. Bernard Pollard of the Ravens predicted that the NFL won’t be around in 30 years, and President Obama said if he had a son he wasn’t sure if he would let him play football.

If Seattle ever lands a Super Bowl, Baltimore QB Joe Flacco won’t be in favor of it. If northern cities earn the bid, as New York has for the 2014 game, he thinks stadiums should have a retractable roof.

Mike Sando of ESPN raises an interesting question, wondering if option runs means less contact for NFL backs like Frank Gore and Marshawn Lynch, who now operate in systems where the option is valuable part of the offense.

San Francisco’s Randy Moss calls himself the best wide receiver ever.

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports! says the Harbaugh brothers aren’t even close when it comes to naming the No. 1 siblings in sport. Who do you think he picked as No. 1?

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