News of holes-in-one hoax spreads; KOMO TV to air a report Monday night

“Googly-gate” just got more interesting.

In case you haven’t followed the story, here’s the background.

While I was sipping cervasas in Mexico last week, local comedian Cris Larsen told a local Rotary Club that he’d pranked The Sun. On Thursday, Aug. 16, he left messages with reporter Jeff Graham about an incredible story that had happened that day during a fundraising golf tournament at McCormick Woods — a tournament called the Great Googly-Ball tournament. Jeff called Larsen three times to confirm details.

Larsen, who goes by the Great Cris moniker, told  great big fat lies every time. Here’s the original story that printed on Aug. 17.

We printed the story and were made to look like fools. Larsen seemed to get a big kick out of it. He still hasn’t apologized.

Moving ahead:  Jeff responded with this column after discovering that he’d been duped.  The headline in the paper said it all: Larsen’s hoax no laughing matter

Jeff was right on in all of the points he made. Yes, four aces in the same tournament should have raised a red flag, but the sources were reliable. Larsen runs a bunch of charity events and is known throughout the community and he’s been quoted often in the paper. Cucciardi ran for port commissioner and heads the Ryan Moore Golf Group, which owns McCormick Woods, The Classic in Spanaway and Oakbrook in Tacoma.

News of the hoax has spread.

Jim Romenesko talked to Kitsap Sun editor David Nelson earlier today and put up this story on his blog post.

Later in the day, KOMO TV from Seattle stopped by the newsroom to interview Nelson. They also talked to Larsen. Their report will air tonight (Monday) during the 6 o’clock hour.

I’ve got a feeling this story won’t go away for a while.

Funny thing, someone from McCormick Woods called the office earlier today to report a hole in one.

I took the information, but had to ask: “Is this legit?”

The guy at the other end of the phone said: “I was waiting for that.”

Yes, we’ll print stories about McCormick Woods, and I suppose we will continue to write stories about Larsen’s comedic adventures and events he’s involved with. The Sun’s not going to stoop to their level.

As I wrote from Mexico in the comment section online: It’s one thing to poke fun and play pranks with people on a personal level. Everyone can take a joke. But to hang someone out to dry on a professional level and get a good laugh out of it tells you something about a person’s character. This wasn’t a harmless joke. This one really crossed the line.

Just discovered that also weighed in on the story. Love the last line: “Do not (blank)ing mess with the Kitsap Sun‘s golf column.”




One thought on “News of holes-in-one hoax spreads; KOMO TV to air a report Monday night

  1. Ethics – It is nice to see Ethics and the news mentioned in one sentence. When I watch the news I am amazed by some of the information the news thinks is ethical reporting. Not surprised that an entertainer shoots back once in a while.

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