About the snow, the Huskies and ‘Scoreboard Baby’

Like a lot of you, I couldn’t make it out of my driveway today. I’ve got a pretty long and steep hill to climb out of and only made it about three-quarters up when my car, which has all-wheel drive, started sliding off the road. Tried twice and got the same results.

Fortunately for me (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), I was able to hook a ride with a neighbor, who buzzed up the hill and dropped me off at work.

My boss said he’ll give me a ride home, so I won’t be taking a midnight stroll on the slick stuff.

Speaking of snow, here’s a plug for the latest Art Thiel column. The former P-I columnist and founder of Sportspressnw.com is fed up with people complaining that Seattleites don’t know how to drive in the snow.

“If the hardy-har-hars in Los Angeles and elsewhere, including transplants here who often laugh loudest, want to argue, go ahead and take your Lexus to the top of Queen Anne Hill the next time Danger Jim Forman puts on his yellow parka. I’ll meet you at the body shop and you can tell me how it went.”

It’s fun read. Let me know if you like it. It can be found here.

It’s hard to imagine, but a little over a week ago, I was sitting on a beach in Australia and it was about 90 degrees.

Now I’m kicking back in the office, catching glimpses of the Husky-Cal game and waiting for our designers in Texas to start knocking out the pages of Friday’s sports section.

These Huskies are pretty good as individual players, but I don’t know how good they are as a team. Cal seems to be slicing through the UW defense pretty much at will, and until the Dawgs fix that, they’re only dreaming about making it back to the NCAA tourney.

On the 13-hour flight from Sydney to San Francisco, I finally read the book “Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime, and Complicity.” If you’re a fan of college sports, Washington Husky sports in particular, it’s a must read.

It’s an expose on the 2000 University of Washington football team. A dozen of the players on Rick Neuheisel’s squad were arrested sometime during their career — Jerramy Stevens multiple times. Seattle prosecutors seemed to look the other way. Evidence was pretty strong that Stevens should be charged with rape, but it never happened even though he later settled a civil suit with the fraternity that the girl belonged to. Curtis Williams, the player who was paralyzed during a game at Stanford and eventually died, was treated as a folk hero — but nobody seemed to know about his long history of violence toward women and other crimes.  It’s a chilling tale of big-time college sports right in our own backyard, written by Seattle Times investigative reporters Ken Armstrong and Rick Perry. The book’s been out a while, but it really makes you think about that winning at all costs mentality that’s so prevalent in our society. The title? Scoreboard Baby. Neuheisel uttered those words when he was the head coach at Colorado. After his Buffaloes beat Oregon in the Aloha Bowl, Ducks coach Mike Bellotti said the better team lost, Neuheisel replied, “Scoreboard, baby.”

Here’s another good read that came out while I was down under. Rick Anderson of the Seattle Weekly writes about Mark Brunell, the former Husky QB who has been forced to see sell his three Rose Bowl rings to pay off debts. Brunell has earned more than $75 million as an NFL quarterback, but has had to file for bankruptcy.

I just looked up, and the Huskies are making a run at the Bears, but will they run out of time?

Snow means early deadlines. And that damned scoreboard page, baby, better be on time.

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  1. Tried the link about Thiel’s column, all I got was an error 404. Don’t know what that means. I’ll try the original Sportspressnw.comlink.

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