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Washington vs. Hawaii: Game thread

(Sorry for some typos in this earlier; I was trying to work without by readers)

It took longer to get to Husky Stadium from the Seattle ferry terminal then it did to get from Bremerton to Seattle. I always drive up Eastlake and it was bumper-to-bumper today.

Once I got settled, I promptly broke my reading glasses. I hunted down some scotch tape for a quick fix and we’re ready to go?

But are the Huskies ready to go?

After everything we’ve heard and read this week about coach Steve Sarkisian delivering a get-tough and play-fast message, it would be hard to imagine the Dawgs coming out soft like they did last week against Eastern Washington.

Still, we’re going to learn a lot about the Huskies today. Hawaii’s defense looked really good in beating Colorado last week, but the Warriors’ secondary is a little on the short size so look for Washington to try and take advantage of its size at wide receiver.

That said, I bet Chris Polk carries it 25 times today.

Prediction: Washington 35, Hawaii 27.

And we’re off. And my glasses are still holding tight.

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Hope the fans on the north side and end zones brought their sunscreen today.

One note. After all of the talk of a Pac-16 and college expansion, Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott comes out against it in interview on Friday night.


Patriot Day: Washington’s wearing a one-time commemorative helmet: White with red, white and blue incorporated into UW’s gold (stripe down the middle) and a W with stars and stripes. It’s a pretty cool look.



Washington puts together two impressive drives for a 14-0 lead with 7:03 left. Price 6-6, 114 yards. LBer Cort Dennis forced a fumble after a long Hawaii pass to get back back on 5 and UW marched 95 yards on second possession after a 3-play 79-yard drive. Hard to imagine a better start.

UW adds another scored: 20-yard pass to Jermaine Kearse. Price 8-8, 193 yards, 2 TDs.

End of quarter: UW 21, Hawaii 0 (but Hawaii has ball at UW 25).

2nd QTR

UW comes back to earth a bit; Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz starting to get in a comfort zone; Warriors go 70 yards in 10 plays for TD. UW 21, Hawaii 7, 6:19 left. The Warriros convert a big 3rd down play (reminiscent of what EWU did to UW last week) to keep the drive going. Husky pass defense better, but still leaving receivers pretty open on a lot of plays.

Can Washington’s offense kick it back up? Coming out liek they did, it’s not easy to maintain that pace or executive at such a high level for a sustained period. Now, however, would be a good time to eat some clock and regain the momentum that’s slowly shifting toward Hawaii. And guess what? Collier just brings kickoff 55 yards to the Hawaii 37.

Hawaii’s Richard Torres comes out of nowhere (at least Keith Price didn’t see him) for a pick at the goal line (they gave credit for a 99-yard return) and a TD that makes it: UW 21, Hawaii 14. 2:21 left. And just like that, that fast start by the Huskies seems like ancient history. Pass was intended for Aguilar. What a difference between 28-7 and 21-14.

UW comes back, finishes off a drive with a 31-yard TD pass from Price to Aguilar, who is suddenly the go-to guy. UW 28 Hawaii 14, :44 left.

Halftime: UW 28, Hawaii 14. Price 13-17, 272 yards, 3 TDs. But you know he’d like to have that one throw back that went 99 yards the other way.

3rd QTR

Hawaii will receive.

Warriors take kickoff and go 73 yards in 14 plays for a TD. Time of possession 7:11. QB B. Moniz picks apart secondary. Hawaii converts a pair of 3rd down plays to keep drive alive and scored on 3rd and goal from the 2. Extra point blocked by Jamora. UW 28, Hawaii 20, 7:42 left.

UW answers with 35 FG by Erik Folk. UW 31, Hawaii 20. Price a little late on a third-down pass, giving Hawaii defender time to knock it away before Aguilar could bring it in. But Folk was there to nail it. He’s 4 for 4 on FG attempts this season.

Hawaii on move again as quarter ends. Moniz 10-14 in third quarter for 126 yards. Just completed 36-yarder to move to UW 6.

4th QTR

Hawaii caps 9-play, 75-yard drive with a 2-yard run for TD. 13:42. They use second timeout to talk about 2-point conversion play. Hawaii’s had ball 12 of hte 16:18 this half. Husky defense could be tiring in the heat. UW does nice job, denying Hawaii 2-point converstion. UW 31, Hawaii 26.

Price: 14 yd. TD to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Nice throw/catch to left corner of end zone. AS-F’s first catch since the first quarter, when he opened game with 30 and 47 yard catches. UW 39, Hawaii 26, 10:02.
Time for UW defense to take some of the suspense out of this game, but don’t know if they’re up to it.

Gonna head down to the field for the final minutes.

Read over UW coverage later today online and in the paper tomorrow.

Kasey Dunn coaches against one of his old schools

If you tune into tonight’s Arizona-Oklahoma State football game (NBC, 5 p.m.), you might recognize one of the faces prowling the sidelines.

Former North Kitsap athlete Kasey Dunn is now coaching at Oklahoma State. He also spent three years at Arizona, one of his many stops in the coaching world.

Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star wrote this item on Dunn:

“He was in the wrong time and the wrong place during (Mike) Stoops’ first three Arizona seasons (12-22 overall) and was asked to leave the premises before Arizona’s talent pool improved. Dunn still hasn’t sold his Tucson home, and since leaving Tucson has worked for Baylor and Southern Miss, and was with the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons before that staff was fired.

“But now at OSU, Dunn, 41, has found stability and is no longer part of a rebuilding process. In college football coaching, it’s often more about timing than anything else.”

Here’s Dunn’s complete coaching history:

Here’s Dunn’s coaching history:

1993: Idaho, volunteer coach, wide receivers

1994: University of San Diego, tight ends/receivers

1995: Idaho, cornerbacks

1996-97: New Mexico, cornerbacks

1998: Washington State, running backs

1999-2000: Washington State, running backs/special teams coordinator

2001-02: Washington State, assistant head coach, running backs/special teams coordinator

2003: Texas Christian, cornerbacks

2004-06: Arizona, running backs

2007: Baylor, assistant head coach, wide receivers, special teams coordinator

2008-09: Seattle Seahawks, running backs

2010: Southern Miss, wide receivers

2011: Oklahoma State, wide receivers

Oklahoma State (along with Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech) has been mentioned as one of the schools that might turn the Pac-12 into the Pac-16. A long trip for the Norhtwest schools, but a trip to Stillwater, Okla., wouldn’t be so daunting for Arizona or Arizona State. According to Hansen, it’s 1,057 miles from Tucson to Stillwater, which is closer than the UA’s mileage to Wazzu (1,328 miles), Washington (1,574), Oregon (1,341) and Oregon State (1,385).
Here’s another note on OSU, once again, courtesy of Hansen: Until T. Boone Pickens donated $156 million to the Oklahoma State football program), the Cowboys had just four winning seasons from 1989 to 2004. They are the most average team in college football history: 522-522-48.

Since Pickens’ donation, the Cowboys are 44-22.


Bree’s World: Give her a reality show, please

A COUPLE of recent tweets from Bree Schaaf (@BreeSchaaf), Bremerton’s Olympic bobsledder who has been training in Lake Placid, N.Y. :

“Its blackberry season back home!!Always ends up looking like an episode of True Blood.”

“2 sensations seared into my brain: 1. Hitting 94mph in whistler last year 2. Running barefoot in the park yesterday and stepping in dog doo”
I’m not a big fan of reality TV, but the always-engaging, self-depricating Schaaf should have her own show. There’s a network out there that’s missing the boat. Wire her up and just let her go as she travels the world, driving her bobsled and lighting up everyone around her as she goes about her business.
Schaaf’s goal, of course, is winning a gold medal at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia, not becoming a reality TV star.
COACHES PETE CARROLL of the Seahawks and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers downplayed their personal rivalry during media interviews on Wednesday. It all revolves around comments the two made following a 2009 game when Harbaugh’s Stanford Cardinal beat Carroll’s USC Trojans 55-21 athte LA Coliseum. While doing it, Harbaugh went for two late in the game.

“He said, ‘What’s your deal?’ I said, ‘What’s your deal?’ And then from there, it’s about as well-documented a six word sentence as there could be,” Harbaugh said.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald (you can read his Seahawks’ reports in our print and online pages) blogged about it. 

It would be fun to know what the coaches talk about on Sunday in San Francisco. They will, no doubt, shake hands and share a few words on-field prior to the game. Will they laugh about it and poke fun at the media for bringing it up? Or is there a real dislike between the two?

THE PAC-16? Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech are the schools mentioned as possible new members. It’s just part of the news regarding the latest rumors surrounding college realignments. A&M to the SEC? Missouri, Kansas and Kansas State to the Big East? Is this the beginning of the end of the NCAA? Nobody knows for sure, but I’m inclined to agree with what Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports, who says it’s all about greed and it’s not good for college athletics.

IN CASE you missed it, here’s our latest update on our local pro baseball players: Jared Prince, Willie Bloomquist, Jason Hammel, Aaron Cunningham, Todd Linden and Drew Vettleson.

USAIN BOLT. Just wondering, but has there ever been a better name for an athlete?

IT’S WEEK 2, which means you can watch the Kingston-Banbridge football game live online at We’ll be live streaming the nonleague game Friday night at 7 p.m.

What to do with the rodeo?

What a difference a down economy makes.

It wasn’t long ago when Kitsap County officials were patting themselves on the back, proud of the private/public partnership that had helped the Kitsap Stampede become one of the best rodeos around. It worked for all parties, and it could still work.

But there’s already talk of privatizing the rodeo.

It’ll be interesting to see where all of this goes. This is not a good time to totally privatize the Kitsap Stampede, but it is a good time to knock around some ideas and make it an even better event. I had a lot of conversations with a lot of folks at this year’s rodeo, and there were a lot of good ideas.

How about starting with moving the Xtreme Bulls to Wednesday night, and don’t charge $21 for a ticket ($17 for kids). Make it affordable. The Bulls under the lights would be a lot better show than on a hot Sunday afternoon when a lot of the energy has already been sapped out of a lot of the fans who have been going to the fair and rodeo for four straight days.

Could close the fair with the Demolition Derby, like they used to do in the old days. Turn the rodeo into a three-day event, doing two performances on Saturday: an afternoon show and an evening show.

Gotta be creative folks. It’s a fun event the way it is, but it’s probably time to consider some changes.

After the Bulls are done bucking on Wednesday, head over to Gordon Field for Rodeostock.  If you could find a sponsor to pony up some big bucks for a big-name act, go for it. If not, bring in some local bands — the Joey James Dean Band, Tumbledown, Lemolo etc. — with a loyal following and rock the place until 2 p.m.

It would give the fair and rodeo a nice jump start.

Make Thursday military night.

Make Friday kids night.

Do something on a nightly basis to fill the place.

County Commissioners need to be careful while pondering their next move. If they make the wrong one, they could do a lot of damage to an event that an awful lot of people get a lot of enjoyment out of.


UW-Eastern Washington Pre-Game

What a day for a sea cruise. Where else can you pay $11.75 or whatever the car/driver price is now and sail the seas on a beautiful Washington State-owned ocean liner with a boat-load of football fans.

Actually, I stayed down on the car deck today, leaning on the rail and taking in the scenery on a breezy, sunny day. Saw not one, but two, Husky hats drop in the ocean from the top deck.

I’m at Husky Stadium now, perched high above the field in a press box that won’t be here this time next year. The press box, I’ve been told, will be located in the bowl part of the stadium when the stadium opens for the 2012 season. Games will be played at CenturyLink Stadium, home of the Seahawks, next year. This year’s Apple Cup game against Washington State, which is smoking Idaho State 30-0 as I type this, will also be at CenturyLink. It’s been moved to Nov. 26. Washington’s last game at the old venerable stadium will be Nov. 5 vs. Oregon.

Fans are going to be closer to the action when the much-needed renovation is complete.

Eastern, by the way, is coming back to Seattle to play the Huskies on Sept. 6, 2014.

Random thoughts and notes:

UW running back Chris Polk is suited up, but nobody knows if he’s going to play. He’s coming off arthroscopic surgery on his knee.

Do the EWU Eagles have a chance to upset Washington? Of course. And don’t count Eastern out if it gets off to a slow start. The Eagles overcame a 19-0 deficit in the second half to beat Delaware 20-19 in the Football Championship Series championship game a year ago.

South Kitsap head coach D.J. Sigurdson, a former Eastern linebacker, will be here today to pull for the Eagles and ex-SK standout Renard Williams, a preseason All-American at defensive tackle.

Listened to parts of the Husky Honks show on KJR coming over. Dick Baird, the former assistant who lives on our side of the pond now, said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Huskies didn’t borrow a page form the Stanford playbook and go with two tight ends at times. Washington’s not real deep at fullback with freshman Nick Holt listed as the backup behind untested junior Jonathan Amosa. Nick Holt’s dad, also Nick Holt, is the UW’s assistant head coach/defensive coordinator.

Hau’oli Jamora came to the forefront as a dominant defensive end a year ago. Now a sophomore, the Huskies expect big things from him. Of all the Pac-12’s defensive players, tackle Alameda Ta’amu is rated the best NFL prospect by some. Talia Crichton and Everette Thompson, Sione Potoa’e and Auburn freshman Danny Shelton are other touted d-linemen. Washington’s expected to rotate six players in and out.

Eastern’s 92-man roster includes 60 players form the state of Washington, and 41 are from the Puget Sound area. You think some of those guys grew up wanting to be Huskies?

Washington’s 0-12 season in 2008 seems like ancient history.

Vegas bookies don’t have a betting line on the game, but I’ve been told an offshore wagering site has the Dawgs listed as 18.5-point favorites.