Gold Mountain trivia

Visitors (or even locals) might be interested to know that the course got its name after one of the two mountains that sits northwest of the course. Green Mountain sits the closest to the golf course. Gold Mountain is the highest point in Kitsap County at 1,767 feet, and when visible, you can see the radio towers on it.
The Bremerton water shed is located at Gold Mountain, which was named after gold mining that occurred at the mountain in the late 1800s. A gold mine operated on the mountain slopes in the 1890s, but was abandoned when everybody headed north for the Alaska Gold Rush.
Gold Mountain’s Olympic Course, designed by John Harbottle III,  opened in 1996. The original Cascade Course was designed by Jack Reimer and opened in 1971.

2 thoughts on “Gold Mountain trivia

  1. My mom grew up at the foot of Gold Mt in an old farm house on Minard rd. When I was little my uncle lived there, we’d go out to cut a Christmas tree. My dad took me deer hunting on Gold Mt. One time we hiked from Gold Mt over to Green Mt through the water shed. I remember being scared the rangers would find us sneaking through the watershed.

    Now days there seem to be houses up on the mountain on Minard rd. I’d like to get back up on Gold Mt and find all the old railroad grades and trails dad and I used to hike.

  2. The mountain nearest GM Golf Complex is not Green Mt. Green Mt. is on the other side of Gold Mt. from the golf course. The mountain nearest the course is unnamed as far as I know, though from a topographical map, it looks like geologically, it was part of Gold Mt. at some point in time, before something happened to form the Union River, the reservoir on which now separates Gold Mt. from the apparently unnamed peak overlooking the golf courses.

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