Hossler talks about first-round win

Medalist Beau Hossler lost his first four holes against Miller Capps of Denver, N.C., but recovered and eventually won 3 and 2 during his first-round U.S. Amateur championship match on the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

Here’s some of what Hossler, a 16 year-old from Mission Viejo, Calif., had to say after the match:

“Hit a good shot on 1, he (Capps) made a 20 footer for birdie.
“No. 2, I hit it 20 yards out of play left, which takes talent. My provisional went another 15 yards left, hit the cart path and stayed in bounds.
“Three, left side of fairway; 220 coming in; hit it about 40 yards left of the green coming in. made double.
“Four, I hit into fairway but my ball was in a divot; hit a good shot in there and I flubbed my chip and made bogey.”
“I was actually swinging the club well but my shots were atrocious,” he said.

Q: How scary was it after hitting it well on the range?
A: Very. When that ball went left on three I was not in a good mental state. I was angry. When you hit one that feels good and it goes 50 yards left, what are you supposed to do about it? I figured it out a little bit. I started hitting it really well on five. (he said he hit a 3-wood from 270 yards on to the green on No. 6).

His thoughts after going down four holes:

“Once I was 4 down I wasn’t afraid of like losing more  holes. I knew I was going to make birdies because I’ve been making  birdies all week. I was just waiting for it. I felt it kind of click a little bit on that par 3 tee shot on 5. Just kind of a little swing thought. I always have a little bit of a swing thought when I’m out there. It helped out. Didn’t have any more of those left shots the rest of the round. Just keeping the ball in the fairway and hit a lot of greens so that’s always good out here. Most importantly you’ve got to keep the ball below the hole. It kind of wears your opponent out when you’re hitting fairways and greens. You’re not going to make a lot of bogeys. I think I probably made five birdies from there on in after hole four. It was a solid round, just s a really, really bad start. It happens. I feel like my game’s in a really solid position and I feel like I’m hitting a lot better now than yesterday. My score probably doesn’t show it, but I feel like I can go out there and compete with anybody out there as long as I’m making putts which I’ve been doing this whole week.”

Q: What swing thought did you have?

A: Just letting the club fall a little bit underneath. I was a little late off of the top. tried to keep the club more outside on the downswing.

Q: What were you thinking after four holes?

A: I was like are you kidding me? This is a joke. It’s be something if he birdied every hole but I was just handing him holes by hitting it out of play on a wide open golf course. You can’t do that.”

Q: What about the wedge shot from the sidehill rough from below the hole on No. 14 (he was 1 up at the time and seemed in danger of losing the hole after his second shot drifted right)?

A: I thought I made that. That would have been crazy. I drew a pretty good (lie). It was sitting up in the middle of it. I could have fluffed under it. I overed under it, hit a good shot and ended it perfectly. It rolled down within a couple feet (and he made birdie).”

Q: How about the birdie putt on No. 15 (Hossler actually brought it up; nobody asked him about it)?

A: I ade like a 25-footer and that was big. When you’re 2 up and there’s 3 to play the odds are you’re not going to lose the match. You might go to extra holes if you struggle coming in. I knew if I could go out there and hit the green (on 16), which is a very difficult hole, I’d be OK.”

Q: Do you like being the guy everyone’s going after?
A: It doesn’t matter; I’m just playing golf. It doesn’t matter who I’m playing against. Obviously I’d rather play some guys than others guy.I’m just going out to make birdies, especially in match play you’ve got to make as many birdies as you can or you’re not going to win holes.

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