5 things I don’t understand; 5 things I think I know; 5 things on my bucket list

Five things I know I don’t understand:

Why do golfers where white belts? Not that I’m ready to challenge Joan Rivers and the Red Carpet critics, but those wide, white belt’s are not a good fashion look. Maybe it’s just me.

Why doesn’t Legion Field have a restroom/concession facility? Surely, somebody in the community is willing to step up and organize a fund-raising drive or find some carpenters, electricians and brick-layers who might be willing to donate their services and help the Bremerton School District build a modest building.  It’s time to trash that sani-can that sits along the right-field line.

How have the Washington Huskies managed to lose eight basketball games this season, five in what is generally regarded as a weak Pac-10 Conference. That team has not played to its potential. Oh, it does at times, but that team is simply too talented to lose to teams like Oregon and Oregon State. Until it learns to play every possession like it is its last, it’ll never be the team is should be. My friend at the Garagemahal has become so frustrated  he can’t watch ‘em anymore.

How can Chris Bosh make just one of 18 field-goal attempts in an NBA game, as he did Thursday against the Bulls? Talk about the all-ineptitude team.  According to the Elias Sports Bureau, you have to go back to Mike Newlin (1-for-22) in 1972-73 to find a worse shooting percentage for a player with 18 or more attempts.

How can players on an NBA basketball team boycott a shootaround because it doesn’t like its current coach? That appears to be the case in Detroit, where Richard Hamilton is leading the mutineers because of differences with John Kuester. It’s just another sign that the players, not the coach, are the ones running the show with too many NBA franchises.

Five things I think I know:

Instead of condos, instead of a marina, instead of the Kitasp Conference Center at the Bremerton Harborside, I think a convention center/sports arena should have been built first. A building that holds 5,000 to 6,000 people, big enough for concerts, major conventions, state high school and community college tournaments, a minor league hockey team etc. It could have been built on the the block where the old J.C. Penny’s building sits. I think it would have been successful and would have jumped started the development of downtown Bremerton faster than the current plan.

 Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Michael Pineda and Nick Franklin are the four top reasons why the Mariners are going to be a good baseball team again. Maybe not this year, but soon. Predictions: Smoak will emerge this year as the leader of the M’s offense; Ackley will be an early call-up from Tacoma be a .300 hitter (he’ll come up as a second baseman, but don’t be surprised if he winds up as a left fielder when it’s all said and done); Pineda will spent about half of the season in the M’s rotation this year and become the No. 2 starter behind Felix Hernandez next year; Franklin will rip it up in the minors again, and will challenge for a starting middle infield spot next year.

The Big East is, by far, the best college basketball conference in the country. In the latest USA T oday/Coaches Poll, the Big East has seven teams ranked in the Top 25, and five are in the Top 15. A couple weeks ago, seven of the Top 15 were from the Big East. The conference might send as many as 10 teams to the NCAA Tournament. The way things stand right now, they would have 1 No. 2 seed (No. 6 Pittsburgh), 2 No. 3 seeds (No. 9 Notre Dame, No. 11 Georgetown) and 2 No. 4 seeds (No. 14 Villanova, No. 15 Connecticut). No. 20 Syracuse and No. 25 St. John’s are also ranked. You could also make a case to put West Virginia and Cincinnati in the Top 25.

Bubba Watson is my new favorite golfer. Did you see the 290-yard shot he hit with his 3-iron during the Match Play Championship on Friday? It was pure magic. Watson called it “a low, bullet 3-iron.” It run onto the green and settled about 15 feet away on the par-5 hole.

Major league baseball games take too long to play, college football games are way too long, NASCAR races are about two hours too long. Let’s forget about television commercials (OK, that’ll never happen) but isn’t it time the leaders of those sports did something to make their games a better experience for the fans.

Five live sporting events currently on my bucket list:

A Yankee-Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the Kentucky Derby, the Masters, North Carolina vs. Duke at Cameron Indoor, the Carribean World Series.

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